The Monster in the West

The way the SEC schedule currently sets up on the football side, Georgia does not annually play Texas A&M. From a standpoint of minimizing roadblocks during the course of a season, this is a very good thing for Georgia.

I have always thought that with its traditions, TAMU may as well be an SEC school. Me and my dad have already talked about how fun it’d be to take in a home game at College Station.

But if you’re in the SEC West right now, Texas A&M if a serious concern. If you think the Aggies are a Johnny Football flash in a pan, then I’ve got some oceanfront property in Colquitt County to sell you.

Sure, having a guy like Manziel helped a lot. But Texas A&M say what life could be like outside the shadow of big, bad UT-Austin. And a very hungry fan base appears to be relishing in it, and rightfully so.

Speaking of the Longhorns, their downswing is an open door for Texas A &M to gain the recruiting foothold in Texas. That’s bad news for the rest of the SEC,

It’s no accident that Florida’s rise under Urban Meyer started with Florida State’s decline. One dominant program tends to swing recruiting in a talent-rich state very heavy in one direction. We saw it with Florida, and the same may be about to happen in Texas.

If there’s good in this for the SEC East, it’s that Alabama and Texas A & M can beat one another up each year on the way to Atlanta.

Lugnut Dawg


1 Response to “The Monster in the West”

  1. 1 Sowega Dawg February 8, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    One would be better off with a single acre in Colquitt County, or as we refer to it “God’s Country”, than 1000 acres on the oceanfront.

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