A Great Void

This whole Grit Tree thing started back before the 2009 season.  I was at work sitting in Ucheedawg’s office, and we were talking about our favorite topic-the Bulldogs.  While we were discussing and debating, the thought occurred to us.  We talk about this all the time with each other, why not do a blog?  There, the Grit Tree was born.

But first, let me back up a moment.  When I started working is when I started reading football blogs religiously.  Sure, I would read them while I was in school, but not like I do now.  In school, you know, you are on the go and working, playing poker, drinking cold beer, etc.  I would go to David Ching’s blog and check it, and I would go over to Georgia Sports Blog, Get the Picture and Everyday Should Be Saturday on the advice of Granite to see the headlines.  But by and large, I just stuck to the print newspapers and good old fashioned AM Radio tuned into 960 the Ref. But one blog I made a point to go visit on a regular basis was T. Kyle King at Dawgsports.  That was it. 

When I started working in 2008, it was the summer time and the Dawgs were preseason #1.  We had Stafford, Knowshon, and we were going to kick ass and take names after finishing #2 in the country.  Excitement was at an all-time high.  Tickets were being ordered.  Tailgate plans were being made.  I had a job and was newly married.  What else was I going to do when I got bored?  The Dawgs were #1 and I was out of range to listen to 960 the Ref.  I was going to start reading all the Dawg blogs I could, jack. 

So, back to August 2009.  When we started this blog, I told Uchee that I wanted to be like T. Kyle King.  Well, no one can be quite like Kyle King, especially me.  I am not a lawyer and I think if you compare writing samples of the two of us, you will see I am clearly not as smart as him.  Now, I don’t agree with every word that Kyle writes.  But I knew that when I wanted to write my own blog, I wanted it to be in the vein of of Kyle King.  I appreciated Kyle’s approach to clear, thought out reason.  His post might be a little long, but hey, if they are well written and make a good point then why not?  He was a gracious host to the people who commented on his blog, and always saw that the message boards and comment sections at Dawgsports were run in a polite and courteous way.  The way Kyle conducts his blog reminds me of the Robert E. Lee quote.   “We have but one rule here, and it is that every student be a gentleman,” sums up everything in which Dawgsports has stood for under Kyle King’s leadership. 

Early on in our blog’s life, it was around Christmas time, we received an email to our Gmail account.  It was from Kyle and he asked if we knew the exact wording of a Lewis Grizzard phrase.  He then complimented our work.  This told me two things.  One, people actually read our blog.  Two, knowing that the Mayor of the Dawgblogs read our lowly site, and moreover was pleased with what he saw was pretty cool validation.  It was all Santa needed to bring me that Christmas.  It made us feel justified. 

Kyle King wouldn’t know me if I sat next to him on a park bench.  Though he is one of the few bloggers who use their real name and pictures, I probably wouldn’t recognize him if we passed on the street, either.  But I do know his work will be missed.  I can say that if it wasn’t for Kyle King, the Grit Tree more than likely wouldn’t exist either.  This ringing endorsement doesn’t mean as much as one from Rep. Jack Kingston, but know it means just as much to me. 

Reading his announcement yesterday, I noticed he referenced to some personal and professional changes that have been the impetus for his departure.  I sincerely hope that everything is alright on all fronts and the changes are positive in nature.  I also hope that he enjoys being able to be a fan of the sports again, rather than a dedicated blogger.   

Goodbye, Kyle.  And good luck.


3 Responses to “A Great Void”

  1. 1 CPODawg January 15, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Being a loyal Dawg fan for all my life and more importantly as a active duty military member for 22+ yrs now. T Kyle`s and your blog articles are 2 examples of what keeps me going while deployed. I normally get on TheDawgBone.com and catch all the good reads and articles after a crappy day. T Kyle will be missed without a doubt on dawgsports, but don`t sell yourself short, you and the others out there are providing good info on the dawgs, good laughs, and a definite morale boost to those of us that follow the Dawgs no matter if we are in the desert, or on a ship underway.

    Keep it up, and Go Dawgs!

  2. 2 66DAWGnNC January 15, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    I am fairly new to the blog from TheDawgBone site, only been reading for maybe a year. I, too, enjoy TheDawgBone site as it affords easy access to many articles at once. BTW – Thanks for your service to our country CPODawg. My oldest son is in the USMC; so I have a deep appreciation for all our military and the jobs they do. I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading this blog as well as TKK’s. There are others I enjoy, but since we are giving tribute to TKK, I will say that I will miss the blogs. The articles are very well written and researched. I even enjoy most of the reader comments as they too offer insight. While there may be some disagreement among those who post, the comments are always cordial and the opinions are expressed in a gentlemanly (and lady like) way. It is refreshing as I had been a faithful reader of some blogs by a certain newspaper in Atlanta. While the articles were sometimes decent, the comments quickly turned to a bunch of trolls bashing everything UGA, regardless of the blog content. So, I really appreciate all the guys that take the time to write and inform those of us no longer able to get to Athens for the latest DAWG news. Keep up the good work Corbindawg.

    • 3 Corbindawg January 16, 2013 at 10:43 am

      Thanks for the support of the site, guys. And CPODawg, I am glad we can provide you with some entertainment as you are off abroad serving our country.

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