Lesser of Two Evils

Each holiday  or family get together, my family are big Scrabble players.  This is rooted in my momma and Grandma playing several games whenever we’d go to Grandma’s house, and it was always a rite of passage when you were invited to play Scrabble with the adults. 

This past Christmas, we went to my sister’s house in Birmingham to spend Christmas Even night and Christmas day.  As custom, we played several games of Scrabble, and though I usually fare pretty well, this past Christmas Eve I won 3/4 games we played. It was invigorating.  After the 2nd game, a sibling made comment how I won again.  Not being one for modesty when given the chance to rub it in to my family, I simply replied, “It doesn’t matter where you are or the circumstances around you, it is all about the process.  If you follow the process, you’ll be successful.”  I knew what buttons to press for my sister and brother-in-law.  Being Dawg fans in enemy territory, they have to listen to the idiotic ramblings of Alabama and Auburn fans year round, and of course, have to hear about Nick Saban and his “process”.   I knew by mentioning the process, it would rub salt in their already deep wound.

Which brings me to today.  I am not looking forward to tonight’s BCS Championship Game. One, I don’t think it will be that competitive of a game.  I think Alabama will step on Notre Dame’s throat.  Manti Te’0 might be the most overrated player in college football.  Good player, no doubt, but if he were playing in the SEC-hell, if he were playing at Georgia, LSU or Alabama-he wouldn’t be the best LB on the team.  He certainly wouldn’t be 1st Team All-SEC.  Notre Dame won’t compete with Alabama. 

Now, I’ll watch it tonight.  Out of respect to the game.  Also, if Alabama wins, then we all have to hear about how great Nick Saban is, the dynasty he has built, his process, etc.  This may not matter to the New Jersey Americans or to the people who regard college football as just any other sport.  Down here, it is something that fans are going to have to read about, hear about and live amongst the Alabama fans and the pundits who will be in awe over Nick Saban. 

But there is one other alternative that would be worst.  Could you imagine if Notre Dame were to win?  Not only would we all hear about how great Notre Dame is and how they are back to relevance, but also we would hear how the SEC is now down and was overrated this year.  It would be unbearable (no pun intended).

So tonight, as much as it pains me, I hope Alabama wins. 


2 Responses to “Lesser of Two Evils”

  1. 1 Music City Dawg January 7, 2013 at 10:25 am

    Not here. I hope Alabama fails miserably (dont think they will). I’m sick of alabama’s arrogant crowing. (It doesn’t help that my in-laws are tiders). “The process” should thank it’s lucky stars that Colt McCoy had a magical & mysterious arm malfunction in 2009, that you don’t have to be champion of your region to play for a national championship in 2011 & that Ohio State is on probation in 2012. blech.

  2. 2 collegeparkdawg January 7, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    My thoughts are about the same. Its the two worst fan bases playing each other, but I guess I want Alabama to win big so that almost beating them means more for UGA’s rep.

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