Dawgs in the Pro Bowl

I know most of us don’t follow the NFL as closely as college football. However, it’s still fun to keep up with former Dawgs. For years, UGA has produced tremendous NFL talent. This year is no different. If somebody would like to take the time, I think it would be interesting to see which university produced the most starters in the NFL Pro Bowl. It would be tough to top the number of Dawgs. Congrats to all 5 of these DGD’s. Playing (and also starting) in this year’s Pro Bowl are:

– A.J. Greene

– Geno Atkins

– Champ Bailey

– Tim Jennings

– Blair Walsh

*Note, Blair Walsh is 1 of 2 rookies selected, the other being RGIII. Even though he was less than desirable in his final season at UGA, it’s awesome to see Walsh getting things right and performing so well for the Vikings this year. I really can’t think of a reason to watch the Pro Bowl, but since there are 5 former Dawgs starting, maybe I’ll flip over whenver it is. Go Dawgs!


1 Response to “Dawgs in the Pro Bowl”

  1. 1 Luke December 28, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    Good to see Jennings on the roster. Good for him

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