Serious Problems In Basketball

Tyler Dawgden has broken down the men’s hoops team and their recent struggles.  I spoke with resident downer Kensingtondawg early in the season, and we both agreed wati and see what this team does once we reach SEC play.  That was following close losses against UCLA and Indiana.  Well, the team hasn’t showed much sign of life since then. 

Living in Macon and being aware of the Mercer basketball team, I really though Mercer would beat Georgia.  That is how bad it is.

I won’t or can’t go into as much detail as Tyler did at GSB.  I agree with everything he wrote.  I do want to make a few more observations. 

I like Georgia basketball and went to as many games as I could when I was a student.  Even games other than big opponents like Tennessee, Florida and Kentucky.  And I was in school during the entire Felton reign of terror regime.  I know what bad basketall looks like. 

I think Mark Fox is a very good coach and his personality fits in well here at Georgia.  But he has got to recruit better.  Even when he had Thompkins and Leslie, the team woefully under achieved.  The lack of a legitmate big man is something that has plauged this team for a long time. 

Folks say that with the talent in the state (Atlanta), UGA men’s hoops should always be good and could be at the level as Florida or Tennessee  both were at (Football schools committed to basketball).  I don’t think it is that easy.  I contend that Georgia is a difficult place to win at, for a laundry list of reasons.  Fan empathy, lack of administrative support, poor facilities, other good teams, etc. are all factors.  I think the failure of the men’s basketball program at Georgia is a complicated issue.

I was willing to give Mark Richt time to fix his program, mainly becuse he showed us he could be successful and had earned the right to fix the ship.  Fox hasn’t proven anything.  Again, I like Fox.  I hope he does well here.  I want Mark Fox to be the guy that makes Georgia a team that makes the Tournament consistently and every few years threatens to make a run.  I just don’t think he is going to do it.  I am not sure I am willing to wait on him to figure it out, either.   


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