A Look Back At Predictions

I am still too shell shocked from the SECCG to talk about the Dawgs, that game, the past, present and future. 

But I can’t avoid TGT much longer, so here it goes.  I am going to ease back slowly in this. 

Back in August, I gave you 6 predictions for the season.  Let’s see how I did:

1.  Auburn will have the most losses in the Chizik era:  I was so right here, I almost was wrong.  I was thinking 6 maybe 7 losses.  Auburn going 3-9 and 0-8 in the SEC is insane. 

 2. Georgia will beat Florida for the second year in a row:  Boom goes the dynamite.

3. Derek Dooley won’t last the season as Tennessee Head Coach:  I thought he wouldn’t last until October.  It took two more games in November before it happened.  I mean, losing to South Carolina and Georgia close is respectable.  Hanging in there against Mississippi State on the road is not that great, but its understandable. Getting blown out by Alabama-hey, it was supposed to happen.    Losing in a shoot out to Missouri in OT?  Well, OK.  Getting blown out by Vanderbilt?  That is a guranteed pink slip.  Though the devil is in the details, I will say I got this one right. 

4. Russ won’t end the season as UGA Mascot:  I am going to give myself partial credit here.  Russ didn’t end the season as the mascot.  I also said that Uga IX would be named.  I was correct; where I was wrong is I thought another dog would be brought in.  But the dog formerly known as Russ became Uga IX and a damn good dog was given his due.  I’ll say I was 25% correct. 

5. Alabama will win the SEC West on the last weekend of the Season:  Again, I am going to give myself partial credit on this one.  I mean I technically got this one right, but it was a lot different than I thought it would be.  I’ll be fair and give myself 50%.

6. Malcolm Mitchell will make a bigger impact on the UGA offense than on Defense:  Once the suspended players got back, Mitchell played every game on offense.  He caught game clinching pass against Florida, that is one of the most signifigant plays in UGA history.  Also, he ended up leading the team in total receptions.  I know his was skewed becuase of the injuries, but Mitchell was an offensive player who played some defense.

Out of six predictions, I got 4.75 correct.  That is 79%.  Ah thank you very much.


2 Responses to “A Look Back At Predictions”

  1. 1 Greg December 11, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Mitchell’s catch against Florida was not one of the most significant plays in UGA history. If we’d beaten Bama, you might be able to put it in there. Then again, the winning play versus Bama would have overshadowed it. As it stands, we are in the Cap One Bowl and Florida is playing in a BCS bowl.

    The SEC championship game was probably the most devastating loss in UGA history. You could argue the Penn State Sugar Bowl loss on 1/1/83, but we’d just won a national title a couple of years earlier. 30 years later, it’s beginning to feel like we’ll never win another one.

    • 2 Corbindawg December 11, 2012 at 12:50 pm

      That Mitchell catch basically won the Florida game for us. We beat Florida for the second consecutive time for the first time since the late 1980s. It all but clinched a spot in the SECCG for the 2nd year in a row, it kept Florida out of a possible NC game. It was certainly one of the top plays in recent UGA history.

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