Keys to a National Title Berth

1.  Don’t be too emotional.

One of the concerns I have about Saturday is UGA coming into the Georgia Dome overhyped and too emotional.  This leads to personal fouls, excessive celebrations, roughing the quarterback penalties, and losses in big games.  Bama has been in this moment often under Nick Saban while this is Georgia’s first opportunity in 30 years.  Expect Bama to play disciplined and within themselves.  The Dawgs have to match this same discipline.

2.  Murray Can’t Kill Georgia

Bottom line Aaron Murray has played awful against great defenses since he’s been at Georgia.  He single handledly cost us the South Carolina game in 2011 and tried to cost us the Florida game this season.  Murray also gets severely rattled when he gets hit often (see 2011 SEC Title Game and 2012 South Carolina game).  Murray needs to take the pressure off himself.  He doesn’t have to go out Saturday and throw for 300 plus yards.  Murray just needs to be smart, hit a few 3rd and 5-8 yard throws, with one or two big passes down the field.  If Murray gets through Saturday without turning the ball over, Georgia will beat Alabama.

3.  Employ the Cocktail Party Gameplan

Georgia’s defensive gameplan against Florida was a thing of beauty.  Georgia pressured Jeff Driskel all night for 60 minutes.  This is how you beat Bama as well.  If you watch the 2nd half of the Alabama-LSU game, the Tide had no answer to John Chavis’ blitz packages.  McCarron was beat up and extremely frustrated.  Only when LSU implemented the soft zone late in the 4th quarter, did Bama capitalize.  McCarron is less mobile than Jeff Driskel and Bama doesn’t have any dynamite receivers. UGA must get after McCarron.

4.  Be Physically and Mentally Prepared for the 4th Quarter

To beat Nick Saban, Georgia is going to have to be physically and mentally tough in the 4th quarter.  It’s been over two seasons since the Tide was blown out of a football game, so Georgia will have to out tough a Nick Saban coached football team.  This means dealing with Bama’s massive offensive line, and stopping runs late against the most physical lrunning back in college football Eddie Lacy.  Saban put the ball into the hands of TJ Yelton late against Texas A&M and the freshman made a crucial fumble.  Saban won’t make the same mistake twice.  Georgia will have to stop Lacy.

“Our Team, Our Time, No Regrets!”  We are 60 minutes away.  Can you imagine what it will be like to be a Bulldog on the Saturday night of December 1, 2012?

Go Dawgs!



1 Response to “Keys to a National Title Berth”

  1. 1 South FL Dawg December 1, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Ummmmm….. Murray killing Georgia? He gets too amped in big games but he won the Florida game for us this year (he and Mitchell) in the 4th quarter. If Alabama sells out to stop the run it will be up to Murray and the receivers again. With a guy that started 37 games I will take that.

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