Dawgs vs. Clubber Lang

I’m one of those people who, whenever they are on TV, I can’t turn away from watching a handful of movies.

One being The Karate Kid (the original, not the Jaden Smith travesty) and pretty high up on the list as well are the first four Rocky movies.

Personally, I’m hoping that Saturday we’ll see the rematch of Rocky vs. Clubber play out in the Georgia Dome.

The more I think about it, this team has a lot of similarities to Rocky. This program, around 2007, was on top. It may as well have been untouchable. Then, through various reasons, it lots its way, it lost sight of the big picture and got caught up in things that’ll throw any championship contender off-balance, and it paid a high price, with the 2008 Blackout game being this team’s version of the first Rocky vs. Clubber fight. Georgia lost its ‘eye of the tiger.’

Now, here we are in 2012. If you listen to the experts and Bammers who ‘grew up a Bama fan’ but never admitted it until late 2008, Georgia may as well not show up Saturday. The Dawgs are just wasting everyone ‘s time – this is a coronation for King Nick, we’re all just spectators.

If you ask that crowd, Georgia has no chance.

But here’s why Georgia has a chance. I’ve seen it with the post-game celebration at Auburn and again after beating Tech. This bunch is focused. While in the past you have seen players leap into the stands and dance among fans, you have not seen that this year. The post-game celebrations have been very business like. Enjoy it, but there are much bigger things ahead.

That’s what sets this team apart from others. It knows what it has to do, and seems intent on not letting any outside, fringe noise distracting.

Win or lose, I actually feel somewhat good about Saturday. Not enough to guarantee a win, but enough to think we have a shot at this deal.

And as Munson/Dooley raised pessimist, that’s a bit intriguing.

Go Dawgs

Lugnut Dawg

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