No Matter The Outcome Saturday, We Are All Winners

Two things became very apparent Saturday night: 

1) Notre Dame would play the winner of the SEC Championship game Saturday night for the BCS Championship.

2) There is a 0% chance Florida plays for the BCS National Championship.

Florida will finish the season 11-1, a great season.  They would have defeated 4 teams that are ranked in the top 13 of the BCS.  They could be playing for a National Championship…but they lost to Georgia. 

That is payback from 2002, jerks.  And, this is not like we were a crappy team playing the role of spoiler; if we win on Saturday then we will play for the big prize. 

Imagine their anguish!

So, even if Alabam upsets Georgia on Saturday (see what I did there?), we can rest easy knowing that Florida won’t be going either.



1 Response to “No Matter The Outcome Saturday, We Are All Winners”

  1. 1 ArborDawg November 26, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Is it still ok for me to take offense to the fact that if Bama does upset the Dawgs (I saw what you did, sneaky sneaky), the Gaytors play in New Orleans while we go to Orlando?

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