Serious Question For Tech Fans

OK, Tech fans. I have a question for you, and I am serious.

You just got your butt whipped by the Dawgs.

Coach Johnson, who I thought was a tremendous hire, is at a crossroads at Tech in my opinion. Sure he brought you an ACC Title in 2009 (that was vacated). He also beat Georgia.

But with a game against Florida State looming, Tech will certainly have a losing record this season. This will be the 2nd losing season in the last three years. If Tech gets a waiver to play in a bowl with a losing record, you have to figure the chances for victory are slim, since they are 0-4 in bowls under Johnson. That could bring there record to 6-8, 2 games under .500. GT is 1-4 against UGA during Johnson’s tenure.

The program is not in a good place. Chan Gailey wasn’t a good coach, but he recruited some talent. If Johnson left today, Tech would be in trouble for years down the road. The guys on this team aren’t equipped to compete legitimately for a while.

With a new AD, and the program clearly going nowhere with poor talent and two losing seasons in the last three, you have to figure Johnson’s days on the Flats are numbered.

I know Paul Johnson brings this “us against the world” mentality that feeds into Tech people’s little man syndrome. But is that enough? I don’t think it should be.

Well, I guess if we can expect more games like Saturday, then maybe I’d be ok with keeping him around…



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