What I’m Thankful For

I’m thankful for many things. I’ve got an incredible wife, great job, loving family. I also have a grasp on the bigger picture, and I’m thankful that Christ paid the debt for my sins, something I’m unable to do on my own.

That said, this year I am thankful for one thing in particular. I’m glad that the “college football gods” gave UGA the greatest mulligan of all time. If Rory had been given a mulligan like this on #10 at Augusta he would own a Green Jacket. Rarely do you see a team get spanked like we did at USCe and still control their own destiny for a MNC. But here we are, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and we have complete control over our destiny.

If you can say that back in October you thought we’d be here right now, then good for you. I think you’re lying though. Slowly, steadily, CMR and company have guided this team through the season, and with one HUGE win against the swamp lizards, here we are facing a showdown with Bama to play for the MNC. It’s amazing, really. Still not sure I’ve wrapped my head around it.

So yes, we all have plenty to be thankful for, but in 2012 I’m thankful for mulligans.



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