Tech Fans Don’t Disappoint

The Georgia Tech people are just something.  What, I am not entirely sure.  But I will every so often go to their SB Nation site, to get a pulse on what drivel they are coming up with.

Well, here is some good stuff.  Complaining about how many SEC teams are in the top 10 of the BCS. 

His gripe?  The powder puff OOC schedule the SEC has. 

Please stop. 

Yes, Georgia did play Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, Georgia Southern. 

Florida State has Murray State, Savannah State, South Florida (not your 2007 USF Bulls, either), and Florida.  Yes, that is going to be tough, but the Dawgs can’t help it the Yellow Jackets suck. 

Look at Clemson’s OOC schedule: Auburn (Clemson can’t help it Auburn sucks…at least they are willing to play them), Ball State, Furman and South Carolina.  Clemson made an effort.

Georgia Tech played Presbyterian, and then lost to Middle Tennessee State and BYU.  BYU. Yes the same BYU team that is 6-5. 

The SEC schedule was weak this past weekend…but the 2nd weekend of the season when most teams were playing powderpuff games, the SEC was starting Conference play.  I think it is smart to basically have another bye week at the back end of the schedule. 

All the major programs play  certain number of gimmie games.  Georgia, Florida and South Carolina play an in-state ACC foe every year.  Teams from the SEC take turns playing marquee games in the opening weekend kick off classics.  Alabama and Auburn did this year. LSU and Georgia did last year.  Alabama has played Clemson and Virginia Tech in recent years in the Dome.  LSU played UNC last year.  So kudos to the SEC for playing tough conference games and also scheduling marquee out of conference games. 

Again, like in my last post…don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.



1 Response to “Tech Fans Don’t Disappoint”

  1. 1 troutdawg November 24, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    Dawgs dominate once again against the weak Ga Yech Jackets! Can’t wait for Atlanta against Bamer than onto Miami for the big dance.


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