Setting the Record Straight

The brother of a good friend of mine went to Georgia Tech…he is a cool guy, even for a Tech graduate.  He met, and fell in love, with a girl from Tech.  She is a nice girl, and upon first glance, you wouldn’t think she attended the North Avenue Trade School (and by that, I mean she isn’t Asian).

He was telling me that she won’t ever go back to a game in Sanford Stadium becuase of the way she was harrassed the last time in Sanford.  I doubt that happened to the serverity that she recalls.  I am not a heckler or a fighter, but the one time I almost got in a fight in Sanford Stadium was at a Tech game, but it was against a really big d-bag in front of me who was a UGA fan (black Northface and red UGA Titleist hat).  I mean, I sat next a a Forida guy in Jacksonville, and I found quite friendly.  He was humble in defeat, and no one around us gave him a hard time.  I then read Tyler Dawgden’s post about same topic. 

For my part, I think the general disregard many Georgia fans feel for Tech only feeds the Tech fan’s need to ramp up the hyperbole. We’ve seen the pejoratives used online and in person. We all have a Grant Field story that ends with a grandmother spitting at you, yet the random Tech fan swears that any unsuspecting Tech fan in Athens will likely be gangbanged by marauding bands of gangbangers who are intent on gangbanging anyone in yellow jonquil sunglow goldenrod old gold. And probably tear your ACL off while stealing your wine coolers for good measure.

I have one of those horror stories from Tech.   I have been blessed enough to attend many away games to different SEC venues.  By far the friendliest fans were Auburn fans this past year (what did they really have to say?).  LSU fans were pretty rabid and as I walked by, called me a British term for a cigarette for wearing a sweater vest.  But as a friend from LSU told me, that is what I get for wearing a sweater vest. 

By far, the worst experience in an opposing stadium was at Bobby Dodd when I went in 2007.   For one thing, the stadium was confusing to navigate.  You’d think a school full of engineers and architects would have a better place.  Our seats were in the upper deck, and we couldn’t get to our seats from the gate we entered.  There was one way up there, and we couldn’t find it.  In the mean time, we walked all around the stadium.  As kick off drew near, there was a big mess of people trying to get in a section, so we just hopped in a Tech student section to avoid the mob. 

Our old computer was about to die, so I several hundred old pictures off.   I came across some pictures we took of the mob of people trying to get to their seasts, and we took pictures becuase it was the damndest thing I have ever seen.

After we got in the Tech student section (of course there were available seats), and Tech sacked Stafford, my hat was ripped from my head and passed around.  I asked for it back, and it finally got it back.  Someone said something like “get out of our section”, and I replied along the lines “call me when your testicles descend.”  Probably not the best choice of words, but my hat was stolen!  I then was spit on.  Spit! 

I am not sure why Tech is such a hostile place, as there are plenty of Georgia fans at Bobby Dodd…

So let’s just get something straight, Tech fans.  He who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.



1 Response to “Setting the Record Straight”

  1. 1 Vineyarddawg November 21, 2012 at 10:50 am

    Aw, poor mutt from UGAg couldn’t take a little (chemical name for saliva)! Go home you stupid cupcake-schedule-having redneck! Does your mom know you’re on the internet??


    (I will now be trolled by an actual Tech fan for not knowing the chemical name for saliva.)

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