Worried About Saturday

I know last year against Tech, after Grantham saw it once already, UGA’s defense stopped Tech’s Triple Option pretty good (and Tech even had a legitimate passing threat last season).   I know our defense has basically had two weeks to prepare for the option, and had a glorified scrimmage on Saturday to prepare for it.  And, Tech is not that good.

But… for all the snarky remarks of Paul Johnson being a “genius”, and the AJC’s love affair with him (I’m looking at you, Mark Bradley), and the fact that Mark Richt has out-coached him 3 years in a row, Paul Johnson is still a pretty damn good coach in my eyes.  And he is the master of the Triple Option attack.

As good as it was for our players and coaches to see game time speed of an Option attack last week, I think that Coach Johnson can see some things on film to exploit.

Tech is going to give us all they got, and even though now they are going to play in the ACC Championship game, that doesn’t matter to them.   The only thing those Virgin nerds care about is beating Georgia.  It will make their season.  We are going to get all they have, and now Paul J0hnson has film to study.

As glorius as a trip to Miami will be on January 7, we have to beat Tech, and convincingly.  And that will be a tough task. 

Hunker down Dawgs!



2 Responses to “Worried About Saturday”

  1. 1 Sanford222View November 19, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    CPJ already has plenty of film of Georgia defending Tech’s offense. I agree with Senator that one game of film against GSU isn’t going to make a big difference. I think Georgia getting the extra week to prep and the live scrimmage against GSU outweighs anything Tech will gain via film.

    It all comes down to the D being focused and disciplined in their assignments.

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