Something Shared Between Mark Richt and Nick Saban

Although they didn’t clinch it, Alabama is going to face Georgia for the SEC Championship. 

Nick Saban began his career in the SEC in 2000, one year before Coach Richt.  Saban left for a couple of years, had failure in the NFL, and has come back and has been on fire at Alabama.  Even at LSU, there were a couple of 8-5 seasons.  Down at Alabama is not going 12-0. 

In his 11 seasons in the SEC, Saban has won the SEC West 6 times.  In his 12 seasons coaching in the SEC, Richt has won the SEC East 5 times.  Pretty dern close.

Folks, Mark Richt ain’t bad. 

In no way am I suggesting that Richt is Saban’s equal, becuase clearly he is not (and clearly, no one else is).  But Richt has had a long string of success at Georgia.  Yesterday on Sportscenter, Nick Saban said that two out of his three National Championship teams have had one loss, so there was still a lot for Alabama to play for.  In LSU and Les Miles’ case, two losses. 

If Old Lady Luck had smiled on UGA a few times instead of other teams, just think….

Again, this was not to compare Richt to Saban, becuase there is no comparision. But it is to show that we have got a pretty damn good one walking our sidelines, no matter what Bill Shanks will try and tell you.

For all you naysayers out there, I hope that crow tastes really good. 



2 Responses to “Something Shared Between Mark Richt and Nick Saban”

  1. 1 Robert November 12, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    I support this. I hope CMR retires a Dawg.

  2. 2 Ryals Stone November 12, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    Bill Shanks has been noticeably mute for the last 3 weeks… and I for one couldn’t be happier about it. I am and have always been a Richt supporter (and a Bobo supporter, for that matter), and unless/until the day comes when the players quit on him, I want him coaching my Dawgs (see Chizik/Auburn; See also Dooley/Tennessee). No matter how bad it has gotten during CMR’s tenure (losing 4 of 5 in 2006, Soft Zone Willie in 2009, 6-7 in 2010, 0-2 to start 2011, Carolina game this year), his players always respected him as a man & as their coach, & they NEVER quit on him. That’s easy to say when you’re winning & all is right with the world; it’s a different story when you’re losing & the fans, media, etc. want to blame the head coach. The number of head coaches like Coach Richt who do it the RIGHT WAY and yet still manage to field a consistent winner are decreasing every day. There are few other head coaches in college football who deserve to win a National Championship more than Mark Richt (Bill Snyder is one of those few. For that reason, if UGA doesn’t win it all this year, I hope Kansas St. does).

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