Deeper Look at Richt’s Dominance Over Auburn

With Saturday’s SEC East clinching win over Auburn, Coach Richt has demonstrated great dominance over our rivals to the south west.  In 12 seasons, Coach Richt has gone 8-4 against the Tigers.  But the sterling win/loss record doesn’t do the dominance justice.  You have to look al ittle deeper.

First, in 2 out of the 4 seasons that Auburn has defeated UGA in Coach Richt’s tenure, they have gone undefeated.  Ergo, they have defeated everyone else on their schedule.  So half the time Georgia has lost to Auburn, there shouldn’t be any shame in those defeats.  Another time, it was Coach Richt’s first year and his end of game management cost us the game.  The other Auburn defeat was a 1 point loss in the closing seconds in 2005.  

Five of the eight wins have come by double digits, with four of the victories (half) being by 20 or more points.  The average margin of victory over Auburn by a Mark Richt coached team is 19 points.  Georgia has outscored Auburn 83-7 the last two years. 

Even in defeat, Auburn has not been that successful in stopping Georgia’s offense.  In 7 out of the last 8 seasons, UGA has scored 30+ points, and has gotten to 30 every year since 2009.

I got into a debate a few years ago with someone who was saying that Tommy Tubberville was a better coach than Mark Richt.  Richt was 5-3 against Tubberville.  I would brag about Richt being 3-1 against Chizik, but that is not really an accomplishment. 



1 Response to “Deeper Look at Richt’s Dominance Over Auburn”

  1. 1 FtWorthDawg November 12, 2012 at 11:21 am

    1. Richt
    2. Tubberville
    3. Fan off the street
    4. Chizcik

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