Sad End To Marlon Brown’s Career

When Marlon Brown stayd down for a while on Saturday, I didn’t think it was going to be good.  When Richt was not really answering many questions after the game, I didn’t think it was going to be good.  Well, the news about Marlon wasn’t good, as you have all head by now he is going to have season (and career) ending knee surgery. 

I asked the question on August 28:  Is this the year Marlon Brown will stand up

To end my post, I said this: 

There is finally a lot of depth at the receiver position.  More imporantly, there is talented depth.  But will Marlon Brown show up in his Senior season and make an impact?

I sure hope so.  I just wouldn’t count on it.

Well, I was wrong.  Marlon Brown, who had a very undwhelming first 3 seasons, proved me wrong and was having a great season.  He was the team’s leading receiver and was equally effective on the deep and intermediate routes.  He was finally breaking through and living up to the potential we all thought he would have on NSD 2009. 

That all came to a sudden end on Saturday. 

Now, it sucks for Georgia.  The wide receiver position was deep; losing Bennett was tough, but we still had quality depth.  Now, losing Brown really stings.  But, we still have King, Mitchell, Conley, Lynch, Rome and the tailbacks.  It is not ideal, but there is still plenty of talent in the various offensive skill positions that I don’t think we will be in that bad of shape.  It sucks, but again, if there was one position where Georgia could afford an injury, it is the wide receiver position.

But, this sucks for Marlon.  He was coming into his own and having a fantastic senior year.  There is more to life than Georgia football; we will be OK in the short term and fine in the longterm.  I truly and sincerely hope Marlon Brown can get well, rehab, and get an opportunity to play on Sundays one day.  He has certainly showed this season he deserves that opportunity.

Get well soon, Marlon. 



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