All The Motivation We Need

Florida is Georgia’s most hated rival.  Georgia Tech is the rival you hate to lose to most.  But Auburn is our greatest rival.  The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry has been very competitive over the years, with no team really exterting long strings of dominance over another.  Georgia has a chance on Saturday to win 6/7 in the series, but more importantly as we all know, clinch the SEC East for the second consecutive year and for the 5th time in the last 11 years.

This isn’t a good Auburn football team.  But the Auburn players know the signifigance of this rivalry (although they hate Alabama more).  Auburn also knows they can’t beat Alabama…but it would make their season if they could ruin ours.  Two particular defensive coaches would have some extra motivation to see the Dawgs lose on Saturday. 

There is so much on the line this Saturday that I don’t think Georgia players will need any extra motivation to beat Auburn. 

But something else that should motivate the team is what happened in 2010.  I know we got revenge on Auburn last season, but the Dawgs really need to hammer them on their home field.  That would be the best way to punish whatever fans were there that cheered a monster like Nick Fairley as he tried to cripple Aaron Murray.

This one punk-Fairley-turned a friendly, competeitive rivarly into one that I want to win.  I want to hammer Auburn into submission. 



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