BBQ Thursday: Scott’s Walk-up, Cartersville

From our friend of the blog and loyal reader, Royal Dawg. 

 I was in Cartersville for two weeks of training and decided that I wouldn’t eat any chain places if I could help it. Let me tell you, I have not been to a place with as many solid restaurants that have the kind of service I have received. If you are from Cartersville or the surrounding area,  I’m a little jealous, and I live in Athens.

Here is some back ground info on my BBQ preferences. To me, and you might disagree, BBQ means one thing. Pulled Pork. I have had plenty of arguments about this. A few of which turned into pretty intense shouting matches that had people looking at me and my friends like we were about to kill one another over it. BBQ is also a noun. (I will allow it as an adjective) It does not mean cook-out. I prefer pulled pork with a vinegar based sauce that has some bite and spice to it. I don’t mind tomato based sauce or mustard based either. Keep that sweet stuff to yourself though.

On to the Q.

Scott’s Walk up BBQ is the kind of place that when you see it you know you have to stop and check it out. There is no designated parking, just a gravel lot. You could tell that there had been additions as the business grew and they had that quality that looked like that Uncle who thinks he is a lot handier than really is put it together. Inside it was basic all business décor. Some random signs and things like that were scattered around the walls. Great atmosphere overall. One of the things that make any restaurant great, but especially BBQ places, is the service. At a BBQ place I want the waitresses and waiters to treat me like a regular. Scott’s had that. The girl taking my order was very friendly and I of course answered with my yes ma’am’s and no ma’am’s. I talked to the actual Scott a couple of times during my meal and he was all over the restaurant checking on folks and running food. That is a great indicator of a restaurant that takes pride in their product.

Speaking of the product, I have eaten a lot of BBQ in my day and this was some of the best. I am typically a sandwich man but today I went with the pulled pork plate.  I don’t typically go for ribs or chicken. Just a personal preference. I like ribs. I just don’t usually go for them. I got my tea and sat down to soak up the atmosphere while I waited. I was nervous. I had eaten BBQ earlier in the week and was disappointed. It wasn’t bad just not good. I didn’t have to wait long to find out. The serving sizes were great. With the plate you get two choices of sides. I picked the slaw and stew.

I’ll start with the sides. The stew was pretty solid. It was pretty close to the kind of stew I grew up with. It had plenty of big pieces of pork in it along with some finely ground beef and plenty of veggies. It also had a real subtle kick to it that I really liked. The slaw was also good. I love cole slaw and this was also solid. It was a finely chopped slaw with some sweetness to it. It also had a good bit of pepper in it which was something different. I give the sides a 4 out of 5.

There were only two choices for sauce on the table. One was a North Carolina style vinegar sauce. The other was a sweet, smoky sauce that was the house sauce. I tried them both and as I indicated above I went with the vinegar sauce. I give the vinegar sauce 4 out of 5. Can’t really speak to the sweet sauce. Not my thing.

I always try the BBQ without sauce first. Let me tell you. This was some dadgum good BBQ. You could tell that it was hand pulled. If you ask me there is a big difference in hand pulled and chopped. The BBQ was moist and had some of the juice poured back into it. DELICIOUS. After trying it without the sauce I added some to it and went to work. The portion of meat was great. The only bummer was that they only gave me one piece of bread and I could have easily used more. I probably could have gotten more if I asked. I just didn’t. All in all I give the pork a five out of five, and the overall meal a five out of five. If you are ever in Cartersville give Scotts walk up BBQ a looksee.

Scott’s Walk-up Bar-B-Q is located at 206 N. Tennessee Street in Cartersville, GA.  To find out more details, visit their website here


2 Responses to “BBQ Thursday: Scott’s Walk-up, Cartersville”

  1. 1 Otto November 2, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    If you are in the area I’d also try Brandy’s Hotdogs and Doug’s in Emerson.

  2. 2 Eddie March 16, 2014 at 11:30 pm

    Try the Four-Way, also. Burgers, dogs, etc….in business for 80 plus years, I believe.

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