Jinxes and Curses

Just last night, I was sitting around talking to another fellow UGA fan about how great it is that Georgia would finally face USCe with a full assortment of a roster. 

Well, about that….

With Michael Bennett out for the season with a torn ACL, the Dawgs head to Columbia depleted. Yes, I know other receivers have the potential to step up, and that this ends the Malcolm Mitchell tug of war. But there’s a reason why Bennett is the starter – he’s the guy that you rely on when its third down to make a big catch. I am not denying guys like Conley, Scott-Wesley or others have talent. But it is hard to easily transition into being a ‘possession receiver.’

At some point, you wonder if Georgia, as a program will ever catch a break. Either Sanford Stadium is built on top of an ancient burial ground, or its the college football gods punishing us for building stands and uprooting the railroad track crowd.

Since the start of the 1981 season, the first without the railroad track fans, consider the following:

1981: Herschel misses the Clemson game with an injury. Its the lone loss of the season.

1982: Loss to Penn State on a ridiculous fluke play at the end

1983: In what was expected to be Herschel’s grand finale in Athens, the season was one with No. 34, who wound up going the way of the USFL.

1992: A share of the SEC East was earned, but SEC officials cheated Georgia out of a win over Florida when a game-winning score was negated by Antone Lott’s timeout – which replays showed was called after the snap.

1995: After coming from a defensive back position, Robert Edwards electrified Athens against South Carolina, only to become injured a week later against Tennessee.

1997: A week after a ground-shaking win over Florida, Georgia had a grand opportunity to take the division. The Dawgs fell flat against Auburn.

2000: Donnan’s team he waited ’50 years to coach’ flopped, partially costing him his job.

2002: Missed field goals and a dropped Terrance Edwards pass prevented Georgia for being in a three-way unbeaten tie for the national title.

2003: A berth in the national title game never materialized thanks to a crushing loss to LSU in the SEC Championship.

2004: In what was billed as being ‘the year,’ for the 2004 seniors, the season disappointed with a loss to Tennessee a week after a dominating win over LSU

2007: Early losses to South Carolina and Tennessee ended up costing Georgia chance at playing for a national title a year’s end. 

All this said – a win Saturday could do a lot of shake off the bad mojo that’s hanging over the Georgia program. 

Lugnut Dawg






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