Automatic For The People Daily Dose

Yesterday, we shared the news about Weaver D’s and included my favorite R.E.M. song from their best album, which shares Weaver D’s slogan.

For thre rest of the week we are going to share some songs from Automatic For the People to show support for Weaver D’s.  But really, not to just show support for Weaver D’s.  This is to support the small businesses in Athens and local landmarks.  Hell, ESPN featured Weaver D’s during the 2008 Alabama blackout game in its “Taste of the Town” segment.  This is to show support for what makes Athens great and why we all have a special connection to the city. What has made it special is it isn’t a mini version of downtown Sandy Springs.  Blue Sky Coffee left for a Starbucks.   A Waffle House is downtown.  They were considering putting a Wal-Mart there.  There is this ugly ass building that houses something called Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.  There is a Five Guys Burgers and Ben and Jerrry’s.  These places are fine, but not in downtown Athens.  As each unique, local place closes, Athens is losing its flair and what makes it a special place. 

Ok, rant over.  Enjoy some R.E.M.



1 Response to “Automatic For The People Daily Dose”

  1. 1 rugbydawg79 October 3, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    Awesome Corbin

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