Why today’s game worries me

Maybe its in our nature, as Georgia fans to look for the negative. Listening to Munson growing up can do that, I guess.

But today’s game worries me. Here’s why.

All week, all the pundits, Georgia fans and anyone else pretty much sees no way that a Georgia team that looked like it could eat lightning and crap thunder a week ago could even be challenged by a Tennessee team that’ll limp into Athens Saturday.

If that doesn’t sound familiar, it should. 

I was fortunate to be a student at Georgia during the apex of the Mark Richt era, being in school from 2002 to 2004 (talk about great timing). The 2004 season had one great victory when UGA got its pent up revenge on LSU. Everyone, in and outside of the Georgia fanbase, was convinced this Georgia team was unstoppable. 

Sound familiar yet?

Then Tennessee came to town, off to slow start. The campus lacked energy on that overcast day, and it didn’t stop there. A slow start allowed Tennessee to get an early lead and Georgia didn’t come back to win, greatly tarnishing what should have been a title run. The worst part? Those freaking hillbillies jumping up and down on the ‘G’ postgame.

Now, do I think Georgia loses to Tennessee? No. That said, I expect an ugly and sloppy first half followed by an implosion of the message boards and social networks before talent takes over in the second half.

Go Dawgs!


Lugnut Dawg





3 Responses to “Why today’s game worries me”

  1. 2 ucheedawg September 30, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    Lugnut, you got pretty close with your assessment. Now predict a bunch of big wins!

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