Taking “Drunk Ass” to a Whole New Level

Another wacky news story involving the nether regions. This time brought to you by a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at the University of Tennessee. As part of initiation the guy received a “wine enema”. He was taken to the hospital with a BAC of 0.4 (legal limit 0.08). It was determined by authorities that he had consumed the wine “rectally”.  We are glad that the kid is alive and recovered. You can read the whole story here. If you’re not familiar with enemas you can read about them here

At some point he had to ask himself, “why are my pants around my ankles and my knees tucked snugly beside my ears?” He may also ask himself, “why is there a guy standing over me with a funnel filled with an enormous amount of a fine merlot?” And finally, “why is the other end of this funnel attached securely to my anus?” If at any point you are asking any of these questions you need to remove yourself from the situation regardless of how it may effect your social standing.

Doing this to become socially accepted ranks just under this (NSFW):


Have a nice day, and remember, it’s an exit ONLY.




1 Response to “Taking “Drunk Ass” to a Whole New Level”

  1. 1 fatman48 September 27, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    This along with the billboards along the Tennessee state lines saying “Yes if you get divorced she is still your sister” HEY YA’LL WATCH THIS.

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