SEC Visual Power Rankings

1. Alabama

Hey, has anyone thought to tell Nick Saban that he’s been replaced by John L. Smith as the coach at Alabama?



2. Georgia

I don’t think it’s fair that the entire SEC West and South Carolina get to play Arkansas, and Georgia does not.



3. South Carolina

Here’s to hoping for a close, tiresome game for the Chickens. Hey, we can all hope, right?


4. LSU

Anyone still thinking Mettenberger should have gotten the starting nod over Murray? Look, when you look a stiff as a corndog against a bad Auburn team…that sums it all up.



5. Florida

You know, if the Gators keep winning, it may bring Corrine Brown out of hiding. Maybe another win or two may not be so bad.



6. Mississippi State

A real shame Croom isn’t at Mississippi State anymore. He knew about all those tubes better than anyone else.


As for the rest of the conference….they’re all equally bad….despite any optimism of their fan bases.


Go Dawgs!


Lugnut Dawg




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