Reason #2 To Hate Tennessee: The Pride Of The Southland Marching Band

We don’t talk much marching bands around here, but a band is what makes college football so unique. The bands are an integral part of the game day experience.

I love tailgating near the practice fields. It is great to be able to hear the Redcoats practicing early in the morning. I listen to the Redcoats on my iPod several random times throughout the year to stay pumped about football. I love all the favorites, but one of the greatest feelings as a student was staying after a victory and relishing the big win while the Redcoats play “Tara.”

I had an acquaintance once who played in the Tennessee Band. He was, to say the least, an odd bird (he was also Mormon, and though it is irrelevant to the story, I thought for some reason it bore mentioning). This dude went on and on AND ON about how great the UT Pride of The Southland Marching Band was.

So when I went to the Tennessee game in 2005, I was anxious to see this great band. Now, admittedly the big T the team runs out of is pretty cool. But the halftime show? It was Kenny Rogers. He played a freaking concert. Yes, he sang “the Gambler”, but still. Where was this awesome band they always talked about? They just stood around and let Kenny do their work for them. Talk about the epitome of lazy.

My next (and hopefully last) trip to Knoxville was for the 2007 game. Same story. Some big country music star at the time played another halftime concert. I can’t recall who it was but my wife was familiar with them.

So what constitutes their band to be great? They make a big T and play Rocky Top 30 times. Then they get lazy during halftime and let someone else do the halftime show. Yeah, really good.

It is just typical Tennessee fans. They think something is just so special and cool (an ugly ass stadium, an ugly ass hound, etc) when in reality it is just lame. These hillbillies need to get out more. And that is reason #2 why I hate Tennessee.



4 Responses to “Reason #2 To Hate Tennessee: The Pride Of The Southland Marching Band”

  1. 1 Cincinnati Dawg September 25, 2012 at 8:19 am

    Don’t forget in the 2005 game, Kenny’s mic was turned off so nobody in that massive stadium could hear him!! It was awkwardly funny.

  2. 2 Hail to Georgia September 25, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    You can’t forget about last year when they did a Wizard of Oz show and made fun of the tornadoes in Alabama. Almost as classy as your IC post yesterday.

  3. 3 ButchSlapped December 3, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    I would have agreed with your comments 20 years ago, but the band has suffered tremendously under its current leader. I hear he’s getting fired though, so maybe better days are coming. But fans in my section have made fun of the band for a few years now, and to be honest I can barely hear them. I can’t believe they misspelled Rocky Top on the field at homecoming last year, that was embarrassing. So was that awful Wizard of Oz show they did.

  4. 4 Don Tucker September 30, 2015 at 6:10 pm

    it sure hasn’t gotten any better. I was at the Tennessee game in Nashville versus bowling green, and the band screwed up the big T after the team ran through it. half of them just kept playing while the other half tried to get off the field. it was embarrassing. why can’t they play and march the way they did back in the seventies and eighties? they were loud and exciting and you could tell they worked really hard. Im sure the band still works hard, but I just don’t see it and I definitely don’t hear it.

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