The Good, Bad and Ugly from Week 4

This was the first of several “big” weekends coming up. A few thoughts from around the SEC….

The Good

UGA- what can you really say? That’s how the number 5 ranked team in the nation is supposed to look.

South Carolina- SC offered up a beat-down of Mizzo. Good statement win for Cocky. October 6 looks pretty interesting right now. Can’t wait to find out who CBS picks this afternoon for their game.

Florida- The WLOCP could have a HUGE national impact if things shake out. Florida continues to look better. I know they only beat Kentucky, but they did it like we did against Vandy, how they’re supposed to.

Mississippi State- These Bulldogs are quietly playing good football right now.

The Bad

LSU. I thought LSU would win this one by 4 td’s. Instead, this was reminiscent of the 9-6 game a few years ago, only uglier. Still think LSU has talent, but that UF game looks alot tougher right now.

Mizzo- Really, they could fall into the next category, but while they’re pledging we’ll leave them here.

The Ugly

Arkansas- Dern. Rutgers? Really? The only question, as has been posed by many already, is where Petrino ends up next year. My money is on…..

Tennessee- My bet is that DD is lawyering in Georgia before UGA plays Tech. Or working on a contract with CBS. He does have the face and the personality. Either way is a win-win for him. Watch out for these guys next year with Petrino at the helm. I underestimated him it seems.


2 Responses to “The Good, Bad and Ugly from Week 4”

  1. 1 Greg September 24, 2012 at 9:18 am

    Maybe CSS, not CBS, for Dooley. That southern twang isn’t working on a national broadcast.

  2. 2 Thomas Brown September 25, 2012 at 3:02 am

    vols cannot hire or fire football coaches.

    Way back in history, they won by playing only cupcakes. Look it up.

    Easy to look great against cupcakes, and make no mistake about the vols : They are cupcakes. They can neither run the football, nor stop the run. Basic SEC football. They can pass and they will against our Secondary, but who hasn’t any year, ever ? The excuse-makers will be out in force, talking about how it was their 1st game back together and will get better.

    vols are cupcake # 5 in a row for us. Yes, move Mizzou down where I said they were pre-season : a team destined to lose 6 games 2012.

    Florida no different. Florida will NOT make any top 25 poll 2012. NOT. They have no concept of the Forward Pass, and no hope of doing anything now about it. Miserable football team, Florida. Mark my words. Florida cannot possibly line-up against us, South Carolina, LSU in BOLD, nor Florida State. 5-Loss teams do not make any top 25 poll, and besides us 2011, 4-Loss teams who don’t beat any top teams, have no hope of making the top 25 in my book.

    South Carolina, likewise, who cares where they are ranked or how great they looked against Kentucky who is UGGLAy. South Carolina and Florida face too many teams to wear them down, with USCe facing us, LSU, and Clemson who will put up LOTS of offense, while South Carolina’s offense is horrid.

    You left out Texas A and M. Texas A and M, BOTH, lose 6 games 2012, exactly as I said they BOTH would pre-season. Now, that’s UGGLAy.

    Mississippi State ? Are we looking at the polls ?

    Jackson State
    South Alabama

    # 68 NCAA Total Offense Missy State 2012
    # 47 NCAA Total Defense Missy State 2012

    AFTER these 4 first “games.”

    Get back with me please after they play some real teams. I know; I know; they have a cupcake city schedule, including up-coming games :

    Middle Tennessee
    Texas A and M
    Arkansas and
    Ole Miss

    Good heavens, what a cupcake-city schedule. That’s 10 unranked hapless horrible football teams.

    Problem ?

    They have 3 more games including their bowl game, all 3 of which they lose.

    Pollsters are not likely to keep them in the top 25 like they did for us last season, losing to every top 25 team they play.

    You also left off the GOOD, Alabama, if it’s ok to say ? Uh, we can’t hang with them, you do know ?

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