Fall ’12 Pledge Class

Let’s pretend Texas A&M are pledges in the SEC fraternity.

Rush- We rushed A&M for obvious reasons. Though they don’t fit the E part of the SEC, for all intents and purposes they fit in. They make pretty good sense. Mizzo was, let’s say, that rushee that someone (Arkansas, per se) really saw potential in, so we went along with it. Not bad, but nothing to really strengthen your core. But they won’t hurt our image, right?

So they were given their bids, and now they’re pledging. How would you judge their tenure thus far?

A&M- So far, they’re doing what they’re supposed to. They lost to an older brother, but they held their own. And this wasn’t Vandy, it was arguably the one of the best programs in the nation, but showed enough respect to let them win. They picked on lesser fraternities in two blowout wins. Good job son.

Mizzo- Mizzo has been a bigger disappointment than we thought. They did earn some respect among the older brothers by beating Arizona State, but they’re supposed to do that, so it’s not exactly a job well done. They lost to UGA/SEC, two of the BMOC in the East, by a combined 72-30. And they’ve shown that they like to run their mouth a little bit (Grown Man Football). That’s a no-no while pledging. So far, Mizzo hasn’t done anything that makes me want to let them into my fraternity.

Bottom line, it’s been a rocky start for Mizzo. Not only are they a misfit, but they’ve run their mouth and have shown little to back it up. They can still earn their due respect with several good games coming up, and they’ll have a chance to become Pledge Class President on Nov. 24 in College Station, but they have got to get things right against Vandy and Kentucky. Bama will treat them like the pledges they are, as will Florida I’m sure. The most interesting test they’ll take during this pledge semester will be on Nov. 10 in Knoxville. Mizzo- we’ve given you a golden ticket, don’t make us regret it. You’re a 3 point underdog to UCF, you better win son.

And while we’re at it, I’m kicking their big brother Arkansas out right now. They’re a 13 point dog to a pledge and they don’t know how to act. We’ll give Mizzo a new big brother, LSU maybe, to see if they can right the ship.

Check in at the end of the semester to see if they get initiated.



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