When You’re Hot, You’re Hot; When You’re Not You’re Not

Man, the SEC is good.  Very good.  5 teams ranked inside the top 14 (Alabama, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida).  The cream has certainly risen to the top in the nation’s most powerful conference.

But the bottom of the conference is, well, not so good.

Kentucky is 1-2 with embarrassing losses to Louisville and Western Kentucky.   Vanderbilt got beat by 10 to Northwestern (more on the B1G in a moment).  Auburn is just terrible, and needed OT to beat LA-Monroe, the same LA-Monroe who beat Arkansas in OT the previous week.  This is the same Arkansas that got beat 52-0 by Alabama.  Alabama beat Arkansas worst than they beat Western Kentucky (the same Western Kentucky that beat Kentucky-it came back around!).

And let’s not forget possibly the WORST team in the SEC.  That honor goes to Ole Miss who scored 31 points and still was beaten by 35 points.  Mack Brown really did everyone a solid by taking a knee inside the 5 yard line twice.  Otherwise, an SEC team would have had 73 hung on them. 

AND…something that might get lost in the shuffle, but Mississippi State escaped with a win against Troy, 30-24. 

So the upper level of the SEC is great.  The only losses any of the top 5 SEC teams I listed at the top will  have will probably only be to each other (with the exception of Florida, who will probably lose to Florida State also).   The lower thrid or so of the SEC is just awful.

But it could be worse.  Do you know what conference is in even worse shape than the SEC?  The Big 10.  At least there is cream to rise up in the SEC. 

Wisconsin, the darkhorse National Title Contender, barely escaped past Northern Iowa in Week 1.  The next week, only managed 7 points against Oregon State (with a returning Heisman finalist).  Saturday, needed Utah State to miss a late FG to win 16-14.

Iowa barely beat MAC school Northern Illinios in the opening weekend, and Northern Illinois’ MAC counterpart, Ohio, beat Penn State.

Week 2  of the College Football season was one to forget from the Big 10.  The Big 10 went 6-6.  Its six victories came over New Hampshire, UCF, UMass, Air Force (barely), Central Michigan, and Vanderbilt.  When a win over Vandberbilt is the conference’s best win in a day, you have something wrong.  Penn State, Purdue, Iowa (didn’t even score a TD), Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Illinois all fell. 

Things improved for the Big 10 on this past Saturday, but the top teams still had shaky outings.   Ohio State was nearly upset by Cal and Notre Dame held Michigan State out of the endzone. 

So this begs a question:  which is worse:  the lower half of the SEC or the upper half of the Big 10?



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