Thoughts From The Couch

I decided last week not to go to Florida Atlantic.  Yes, that might come across as profane to most, but I decided not to make the trip up to Athens this past week.  I wanted a weekend where I could just sit on my couch in front of my brand new TV and watch football all day.  I didn’t go to Missouri either, but I played golf that day and some other activities kept me from really watching all the games in full.  Also, I logged just over 1,000 miles in the car last week, so a day at the house was in order.  So Saturday was a day where I could veg out on the couch and really enjoy the new 46″ HD TV.

I did have some thoughts from some of the games this past weekend. 

*The top of the SEC is really good, the bottom of the SEC is really bad, and the Big 10 in general is just terrible.

*Auburn is in for a world of hurt this weekend versus LSU.

*I picked BYU in my ESPN College Pick Ems group, and really wish I picked Utah. I am setting up a reminder on my Outlook calendar for next year to remind me to pick the Utes in the Holy War.

*Florida looked dominant against Tennessee in the second half, but I also think Tennessee just quit.  Clay Travis is on to something.  Still, I was very impressed with Driskel and Florida will improve as the season progresses.  They will still lose to South Carolina, LSU, us and Florida State, but that team will be better than their 8-4 record shows, and could be really good in 2013.  I have been critical of Muschamp, but going on the road to very excited and hostile environments back to back weeks and making good 2nd half adjustments, that coaching staff deserves some credit.

*Trey Burton is a freak athlete, and with John Brantely banged up last year, I don’t know why Charlie Weis didn’t use him against us last season.  You would think an offensive genius would be able to find a way to use him some.  Also, I am not sure how Tennessee let him run 80 yards untouched for a TD, especially when you knew he was either going to hand it off or run with it. 

*I may be the only one, but I was not overly impressed with Alabama’s beatdown of Arkansas.  Arkansas had a lot of bad snaps and miscues.  Also, there were drives where Arkansas had receivers wide open.  If Arkansas had Tyler Wilson playing and Bobby Petrino calling plays, the score would have been a lot closer.  And, in the Michigan game, there were several open receivers.  Robinson just couldn’t hit them.  If Alabama plays a team or Quarterback who can make accurate throws, they could run into some trouble.  Alabama is still by far the best team in college football, but they have yet to be tested.  And they won’t be until LSU.  LSU won’t exploit the open recievers, either.   

*I am glad that Lane Kiffin got embarrassed.

*I wonder how the Ole Ball coach is going to handle his QBs, now that Shaw is on the mend again. 

*Michigan State was pathetic. 

*Classy move by Mack Brown to take a knee at the goal line against Ole Miss. 

*Kentucky, Tennessee or Arkansas:  where will Charlie Strong end up after this season?

Some UGA points:

*Yes, it was against FAU, but Georgia still piled on 713 yards of offense.  That was more than Oregon’s 652.  Old Man Football can pile up some yards.

*I was happy to see Lynch get some catches and Bobo mix in the Pistol.  I thought the offense did perfect what it should do against a powder puff.  A lot of players got involved, and some new wrinkles were put in.  I wonder how much Pistol we are going to see going forward.  Teams like Alabama and LSU have had success in that formation, using it sparingly. 

*I  have a feeling that the Defense will give up their fewwest amount of points so far this season against Vandy.   We should have, at the very least, Ogletree back. 

*Really wish LeMay hadn’t thrown that pick.



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  1. 1 rugbydawg79 September 17, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    That was a really good read-Thanks Corbin

  1. 1 Phil Steele Noticed, Too. « The Grit Tree Trackback on September 17, 2012 at 2:36 pm

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