Phil Steele Noticed, Too.

In my review of Saturday’s games, I said that Alabama, while in my mind is still the best team in College Football, didn’t dominate Arkansas as bad as the score might indiciate, especially considering all the intangible factors in the game.  While they were graded out well, Alabama was +6 in turnovers and Phil had this to say:

Arkansas would have had to play a perfect game to stay with Alabama but had a couple of key plays go against them early. Bama on their first 3 poss did not even get a FD while Arkansas had a drive to the Bama22 but 2 key plays put them in a hole. They had a high snap over the P’s head and Bama took over at the 6 and got a td run, then Arkansas had a 41 yd FG hit the upright. Arkansas recovered a punt at the Bama20 but it was ruled that the progress was stopped by the PR so Bama got the ball. Amazingly, Brandon Allen, as a senior in HS had a 38-0 ratio, threw an int in the 2Q setting up a Bama td and then another int was ret’d 46 yds to the 3 setting up Bama’s 2nd short td and it was 24-0 at the half. An amazing stat is the fact that Bama only had a 9-7 FD edge at the half and Arkansas sort of gave up in the 2H as Bama controlled matters, 52-0.

If Petrino and Wilson had been able to go, this game might would have lived up to all the hype CBS had hoped it would.



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