Friday Locks

We (and by “WE” I mean Uchee and I) have struggled at our picks so far this reason, and that is odd (well, odd for me, not odd for the lovable loser Uchee).  But we promise to get right this week and get back in the black:

Kensington (5-1):

FSU -27.5, Florida +3 and UNC +3

Granite (3-3):

OK State -22.5, Texas -10, Ohio State -16.5

Corbin (1-5):

Alabama (-20) at Arkansas-Alabama won last year by 24 when Arkansas had Tyler Wilson and Bobby Petrino.  Last year, Alabama’s average margin of victory was 28 ppg and this year, their average margin of victory is 31 ppg.  Now, Arkansas has John L. Smith and probably won’t have Wilson.  Alabama rolls. 

Auburn (-16.5)

Texas (-10)

Uchee (1-5):

Rutgers was a good pick last night, Virginia +10.5, Arkansas +20


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