Thoughts on Missouri

I can’t say anything about the win Saturday night that hasn’t already been said elsewhere.  You watched the same game I did, and it is obvious.  First half was sluggish, Second half we wore them down and Aaron Murray settled down and Jarvis Jones put the game in his own hands (literally). 

I woke up Saturday morning feeling at peace about the game and what would happen.  I didn’t fret too much about it.  How it happened was how I thought it would.  I felt like it would be like the 2010 Independence Bowl against Texas A&M.  It would be close early, then big non-offensive plays would put us ahead for good. 

I think the coaching staff deserves a ton of credit. I told Kensington Sunday that Saturday was the best coaching performance since the 2007 Auburn game.  Everything from the preperation, to withstanding the early blows, to making good halftime adjustments.   I think Coach Bobo especially did a nice job of making good 2nd half adjustments.  Murray had a really good 2nd half, going 12/18 with 2 TD. 

There were some mistakes and things that need to be sharpened up.  The running game, outside of Gurley’s one 44 yard scamper, was not really much of a factor.  The offensive line needs to improve and the ghost of  Dr. John Eason reared its ugly head when the receivers were dropping so many passes.   As sharp as Aaron Murray was the last drive of the 1st half and whole 2nd half, he has to come and show up for a whole game. These mistakes will cost us against South Carolina (and possiblyTennessee). 

But overall, it was as good as win for the program as we have seen in a long time.  And the great thing is, when we get the 4 guys back on defense and as the Offensive Line matures, as the season progresses, we should only get better.

Go Dawgs!



1 Response to “Thoughts on Missouri”

  1. 1 RG September 10, 2012 at 11:55 am


    The offense is looking even better than I imagined. Who’d have thunk UGA would be leading the SEC in offensive scoring after 2 weeks?

    The defense, not so good outside of Jarvis. Giving up way too many yards (700+ in 2 games) & points (over 20 pts a game to lousy teams) and rush yards (almost 300 over 2 games) to poor unranked teams.

    UGA is starting to feel like Arkansas East, all offense, no defense.

    I am worried about when either the offense has an off day and doesn’t score 3 td’s, or Jarvis Jones has on off day and doesn’t force 4 turnovers.

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