Road Tripping: Missouri Edition

In honor of our first road game of the year and the fact that I normally find hidden treasures across the south like fried boudin balls at a gas station in Baton Rouge or quick exits from the sketchiest neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Corbin has asked me to give a travel guide for the road games this year.  I’ve been lucky enough to visit all the SEC stadiums prior to Slive’s westward manifest destiny so Columbia, Missouri is throwing me a slight curve ball.  Now I’ve spent too many weeks of my life that I’ll never get back in southeast Missouri, been to St. Louis plenty of times and been snowed in in Kansas City but for Columbia I had to call in outside help.  After calling friends who went to school in Columbia and speaking with some very nice people at Rock M Nation I think we’ll have a pretty good UGA travel guide.

Who: University of Missour
Where: Columbia, Missouri
Stadium: Faurot Field, seats 71,004, has FieldTurf
Record: 1-0
Distance: 737 miles from Sanford Stadium       (It’s closer to Cleveland, Miami, and Notre Dame than Columbia Missouri)
How to get there: By air there is an airport in Columbia but the most cost efficient is to fly into St. Louis (2:00 drive) or Kansas City (2:30 drive).  If you drive it is an easy interstate drive all the way but I would suggest stopping in St. Louis or taking turns driving.
Along the way: If you are driving you can go 45 minutes out of your way and drive through Sikeston, MO to visit Lambert’s Cafe.  It’s a meat and three type place served family style and with huge portions.  The food is good and they think they are southern.  Don’t argue with them because southern Illinois feels the same way.
If you are flying into St. Louis I could go on and on about great beer joints and restaurants to visit but a small local desert hangout is Ted Drew’s.  I had a customer take me to this frozen custard joint and was surprisingly impressed.  Give your liver the night off and enjoy some mid west dessert before you partake tomorrow.
If you are flying into Kansas City you better be eating BBQ Friday night.  Oklahoma Joe’s is the best in my opinion but if you don’t want to travel too far from downtown Jack Stack has amazing lamb ribs and really, where else are you going to find lamb ribs?

In Columbia:
Now to the important stuff
The University of Missouri looks to be laid out somewhat similar to UGA.  Downtown or the District is just to the north or campus with the stadium a short walk south.  The Interstate runs just north of downtown and I am told to look for parking either downtown or along Stadium Boulevard.  The historic part of campus and the iconic columns are at the north end and I am told it’s worth venturing slightly west as you walk to the stadium to pass the houses of Greek Town.

I’m told there are bars of plenty to watch the Florida and A&M game but that The Heidelberg on campus makes a very good bloody mary.  As for other places I could go on and on but unless I’ve been there or heard it first hand I wont’ suggest something so I’m going to suggest you read Rock M Nation’s guide to Columbia.  For anyone who’s making the trip, travel safe and Go Dawgs.


Rock M Nation’s guide to Columbia
Missouri Game Notes


1 Response to “Road Tripping: Missouri Edition”

  1. 1 HOT-DAWG September 6, 2012 at 10:43 am

    Lambert’s is a fun place, they stand in the middle of the room and thow rolls to ya. Order a small dish b/c they walk around and offer you several sides while eating. If you are wanting steak in St Lou Kreis is awesome, but wear big pants. The steaks go as big as you want, I settled for a modest 64 oz prime rib. Ted’s ice cream is good, but the people from the good state of Missouri have never heard of the DQ. We got lost in the bad part of St Louis. Had to ask a “lady of the night’ on a corner where to find the place and caught slack from her “employer” all to find some frozen custard aka ice cream!

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