Thoughts On Saturday’s Buffalo Game

I don’t know what I can say about Saturday’s contest that hasn’t been said on other blogs already. 

I will be succinct. 

Anyone who is still grumpy about the way the Dawgs played on Saturday need to get their head out of their rear end.  If Georgia loses to Missouri or even plays sloppy, then we all will have a right to be grumpy.

But look, Georgia played a game which the game plan was obviously very vanilla.  It was hotter than seven hells out there.  The stadium was a good 1/3 empty after halftime.  All this was on Saturday was a glorified scrimmage that Georgia had to pay a lot of money for.

What was encouraging were the halftime adjustments.  The defense  was shut down the rest of the game and Murray came out of the locker room and was settled down, hitting 5/5 to open the half including a 38 yard TD pass to Wooten.  The team played in the 2nd half like they should have in the first half. 

Getting overly excited or overly angry over the game on Saturday would be like having an emotional response to the G-Day game.  There are some things to take away-positive and negative-but overall it is what it is.

And I have seen this, too.  Someone told me “See, Alabama was ready to play Saturday.  How come Richt couldn’t get the team ready to play like Saban did.”  Apples to Oranges.  Big time opponent on big time stage.  The Buffalo game was a game where the fans were filing out, it was hot, and no one really wanted to be there.  Can’t say I blame them.

Look, it is not like Georgia hasn’t done a good job of mopping the floor with these crappy teams lately.  Last year, Georgia beat Coastal Carolina 59-0 and New Mexico State 63-16.  In 2010, we beat Louisiana-Lafayette and Idaho State 55-7.  2009 was Tennessee Tech 38-0. 

What does beating someone 63-16 really show?   You don’t learn anything.   In 2010 when we won both cupcake games by 48 points, Georgia went 6-7.  In 2003, Georgia beat Middle Tennessee 29-10 and UAB 16-13 (10-3 season).   In 2004, we beat Marshall 13-3 before going out the next week and beating the defending National Champion LSU 45-16 (10-2 season).  You can’t judge how a team is going to do in a season based solely on these cupcake games.  You can’t assess any strengths and weaknesses.  At least the Coaches saw some things that need to be sharpened up before we travel to Columbia Saturday. 

LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, and Florida all gave uninspired performances Saturday.  Does it matter?  Not really.  

For the record, I thought the score would be 52-17.  I was one TD off both ways.  If Murray was a little more accurate and our defense cared in the first half, the game was about what I thought it would be.

This Saturday will be telling.  Until then, get a grip on reality and don’t worry too much about Saturday’s game.  It was basically a practice session that fans could tailgate for.


1 Response to “Thoughts On Saturday’s Buffalo Game”

  1. 1 Snake Plisskin September 4, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    The defensive back-field is shaky to say the least, however now that they have some live film to dissect, CTG should be able to coach up the stand-ins to get them in positions to make plays…I’ve watched TK run pass routes for a couple of years now and I am amazed with his insistence to put on a “move” when flying down the field…he stutter steps, or jukes…the DB can’t touch him past 5 yds. and all he should be thinking about is getting in a foot race to a spot on the field…he did it last year and he did it on the deep route on Sat….he may be fast, but he doesn’t have that burst at the end to get to a ball that you saw with Wooten on Sat, or you saw with Mitchell and Conely last year…if you recall, it was stated that it was almost impossible to over throw those guys…so, Murray should be aware of whom he is throwing to and make better throws when pitching the ball to TK…just my observation, which in the big scheme of things means nothing…

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