TGT Locks

Normally when a website gives locks, they say it is for entertainment purposes only.  Forget that, these picks will make you money!*


Oklahoma -30 (I busted last night with South Carolina and Washington State)

BONUS UNOFFICIAL PICK:  Northwest Whitfield at Pepperell (-3): My alma mater PHS opens up with a tough game out of region and out of classifaction.  Though the RN-T likes the Dragons by 3, NW Whitfield will beat the Dragons.


Tennessee -3.5

Ohio +6.5 (got BYU right last night)


Oregon -37

Bama -14

Texas -31.5


Cal -11

Boston College +2.5 (got Vandy  right last night)

*but really, we can’t be held responsible if your bookie breaks your leg or makes you wear concrete shoes before you swim with the fishes.

1 Response to “TGT Locks”

  1. 1 Scott August 31, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    It’s ” Sleeps with the fishes.”

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