Bold SEC Predictions

1.  Auburn will have the most losses in the Chizik era:  Clemson, LSU, Arkansas, Georgia and Alabama.  There are 5 losses right there.  Now, here are their winnable games:  Louisiana-Monroe, Ole Miss, New Mexico State, and Alabama A&M.  So far I have their record at 3-5 with the rest of the games being toss ups:  Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Texas A&M.  The most games Chizik has lost in a season is 5.  So, by my count, they have already made it and must lose one of the toss up games to break this.  I don’t know how bold it is after thinking about it.  By the time the clock strikes zero at the Iron Bowl, Auburn fans who heckled Gene Chizik when he arrived on campus will feel vindicated. 

 2. Georgia will beat Florida for the second year in a row:  This shouldn’t be too bold to the outsider, but for us Georgia fans, this is as bold as it gets.  Georgia has only won against the Gators 4 times since 1990.  Georgia hasn’t won consecutive games against the Gators since 1987-1989.  Aside from the victory against Florida in 1997, the two closest games the Gators had against Georgia was in 1992 and 1993, and the Gators had a 26-24 and 33-26 victory, respectively.  Every other year, the scores were painfully lopsided. 

All the talk of the woeful streak will finally be put to bed following the 2012 game.  Coach Richt will lead the Bulldogs to victory for the second consecutive year, his 4th overall, and his 4th in 9 seasons.  And if the Bulldogs win in 2012, the series will be knotted up 3-3 in the last 6 contests.  The Dawgs will win in Jacksonville, and all the talk about Gator dominance will finally come to a close.

3. Derek Dooley won’t last the season as Tennessee Head Coach:  The Vols will lose against the Gators and Bulldogs, then will go winless in the month of October.  The Volunteers will lose a heartbreaker against Mississippi State on the road, then following back to back blowout losses against Alabama and South Carolina, before the month of November comes Dooley will be unemployed and Barbara Dooley will make headlines sounding foolish.

4. Russ won’t end the season as UGA Mascot:  I like Ole Russ.  He is a Damn Good Dog.  I know word from the Seiler camp is there is not a puppy ready, but I think he is playing it close to the vest.  As much as I would like to see Russ play it out, I just have a hunch that Uga  IX will be named this season. 

5. Alabama will win the SEC West on the last weekend of the Season:  The SEC East will be wrapped up fairly early; we will know if South Carolina or Georgia wins the SEC East by the middle of November.  However, the West will be harder to decide.  LSU lose at some point early in the season, but will again beat Alabama in the regular season.  Somehow, LSU will be upset by the Razorbacks, setting up Alabama needing to win the Iron Bowl to advance to Atlanta.  The Crimson Tide will destroy the Tigers in front of the Crimson Tide fans, and will go on to the SEC Championship game.

6. Malcolm Mitchell will make a bigger impact on the UGA offense than on Defense:  This is kind of subjective.  I just don’t think that by the time October rolls around and we have a full complement of players back on defense, Mitchell will play as much.  Look for him to be the team’s leading receiver.

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