Must See College Football Games In November

I went through the weekly schedule and pulled out what games I am most looking forward to this upcoming football seson.  You can go back and see which ones I pick for September and October



Alabama at LSU-No explanation necessary. 

Oregon at USC-This will probably be the Pac 12 Championship game.  Nice preview.

TCU at West Virginia-the two Big 12 rookies will put on an entertaining game, with two very contrasting styles of play.  This will serve up a nice appetizer to the the nights two heavy hitting matchups. 


Florida State at Virginia Tech (Thursday)-Doing a quick look over, the Thursday night games this season are a little mediocre compared to years past.  But this is going to be a dandy.  A lot of people think that Florida State is a legitimate National Title Contender…we’ll see.  I don’t know what divisions the ACC is separated in, and I don’t care to look, but this game with either be a preview to the ACC Championship game or will have implications on who goes and represents their division (while I was typing that, I remembered that Florida State and Virginia Tech were in two separate divisions, because they have played for the Championship before, but I still wanted to get my dig in to the wacky ACC divisions).

Texas A&M at Alabama-Two of the Bear’s former programs matching up.  How many “Junction Boys” references are going to be made this game week?   Two storied programs facing off will make for compelling television, or at least as compelling as a complete bloodletting will be.

Arkansas at South Carolina-This is a huge game for Georgia fans.  Depending on what happens in Columbia on October 6, this game could determine Georgia’s fate for the first weekend of December.  South Carolina usually falters late in the season, so we will see if all the talent that Arkansas has can win a game despite of John L. Smith’s coaching.

Georgia at Auburn-The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry always has importance and story lines, but this year is even more. The last time the Dawgs were on the Plains, Cam Newton smiled and blew kisses as Auburn blew Georgia out.  Last year, the home standing Dawgs returned the favor in a rout.  Now it is Auburn with revenge on the mind, as Georgia has won 5/6 in the series.   Making the plot more interesting is the reunion of former UGA Defensive Coordinators Van Gorder and Martinez.  Should be another good rivalry game.


Ohio State at Wisconsin-Urban Meyer is a prick.  Bret Bielema is a prick.   Should be fun to see Wisconsin run it up on the Buckeyes.

Oklahoma at West Virginia-I think OU might be overrated, so this game will be interesting to see if WV can do well in their first Big 12 season.  With Texas being in rebuilding mode, WVU has a chance to make some noise.

USC vs. UCLA-This is just to see who will kill each other first between Lane Kiffin or Jim Mora.   I  am hoping for the big earthquake to come during this game, and finally separate California from the continental US. Adios vaya con dios, Coaches!


After a rather disappointing month, November ends in a bang!

Auburn at Alabama-Duh.

Arkansas at LSU (Friday)-One of the most underrated SEC rivalries, but always one of the most entertaining to watch.

Georgia Tech at UGA-I think the only reason we play this game is because we kind of have to.  It means so much more to them than it does to us, until we lose.  Which isn’t often.  I hate Tech fans. 

Michigan at Ohio State-Now, this will be good.  Urban Meyer did very well in the rivalry games while at Florida, but Michigan-Ohio State is a different animal.  And Michigan could only have 1 or 2 losses at this point, and Ohio State is not very good.  Go Big Blue!

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State-Bedlam. 

Florida at FSU-Anytime you have a chance to watch the Gators lose, it is a good day.

Texas at TCU-It would be neat to see little brother beat big brother.  Although, I am personally a big brother and I think those stories are overplayed.  It makes us look bad!  So in that respect, I hope it is close, but then Big Brother crushes Little Brother.  But, going off the last couple of years, who is the big brother and who is the little brother here?


December has the bowl games, and of course all the Championship games on the first weekend of the month.  One game I always like to watch is the Army-Navy game, which will be on December 8.  Anchors Aweigh!


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