Are Prepackaged plays the Future of Football?

I was reading a great post linked from Smart Football about a new style of play calling and the complexity that it causes for the defense.  I’m not going to rehash everything that was said, I’d just suggest you spend 15 minutes reading the post. 

The idea is the direction that the spread has taken and the style of offense that Oklahoma State, Baylor, WV and the Packers run.  A “set” is run from the no huddle instead of a particular play and it is up to the quarterback to determine if the defense is weakest against a run draw, screen or deep ball.  This all comes down not to where the defenders line up before the play but the direction that they go to as soon as the ball is snapped.  I see it as a passing version of the triple option.  Of course this can only be perfected if you have a very smart QB and really helps if you have a stand out receiver.  I would loved to have seen how Greene and Gibson or Stafford and AJ could have run this.  So next time we see Bobo call a third down draw know that he’s halfway to running one of Dana Holgorsen’s sets.

“Packaged” plays and rethinking the concept of modern play calling

Seriously, if you’re not reading Smart football or Shaking the Southland’s post on offensive and defensive strategy you should be.



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