Did the Red and Black Staffers Watch Mad Men?

A lot of publicity has been made about the Red & Black staffers walking out to start their new venture, Red & Dead

I am nuetral on this.  I don’t have the affinity for the paper like our friend Lugnut Dawg, who in his own right was an accomplished journalist before changes in his career path.  I agree with what many have said for the students sticking to their convictions and principle.  There wasn’t a day that I was on campus when I didn’t pick up a Red & Black and read it cover to cover.  But I also took several Joournalism classes at UGA, and there were several Red & Black writers in there with me.  I often thought they had an elitist attitude.  Come on, you are not writing for the NY Times. 

But going to the their new site reminded me about the Season 3 Finale of Mad Men.  My wife and I recnetly watched Seasons 1-4 and are anxiously waiting for Season 5 to come out on DVD or Netflix.  It is a great show, and if you don’t watch it, I highly recommend it.  Best show on TV since Lost went off the air, in my opinion. 

Spoiler Alert if you haven’t seen it::


Seeeing all the editors huddled up in a living room, working on all their different laptops, didn’t it remind you of when Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Bert Cooper and the rest of the gang left Sterling Cooper and formed Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in a hotel room?  It kind of had that feel to it, just by looking at the pictures. 



1 Response to “Did the Red and Black Staffers Watch Mad Men?”

  1. 1 AthensHomerDawg August 19, 2012 at 10:54 am

    I think the staff is back in the saddle and ready to throw down.

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