All We Ask is 3 Years

I’ve said it about many UGA players, most recently Crowell. All we really ask is that for 3 years you make good decisions. It’s not that hard. 1,095 days of working hard, listening to your coach, and staying out of trouble. I think it can be done. After that, you can write your own ticket. Make millions as a 21 year old. Do whatever you want, you’ve got more money than you’ll ever need. All you’ve got to do is stay out of trouble for 3 years. Yes, I understand how tempting trouble is as an 18-21 year old. I was there, and I didn’t always make the right decision. But I managed to make it through 5 years in Athens without once getting locked up, receiving a ticket, or doing anything that would harm my future too bad. For these supreme athletes, you don’t have to make it 5 years. If you give it 3, then you’re free.

That concept blows my mind. I can already envision what some of the comments may be, and everyone is entitled to your own view. But really, it’s not asking that much to make good decisions every day for 3 years. The pull from evil forces isn’t that strong. So for someone like Tyrann Matthieu to have the desire to do drugs so badly that it harms what would be millions and millions of dollars for him just 1 year from now is absurd. Not saying I’m perfect, but if I’m Matthieu, I can guarantee you I’m not doing drugs. If I get in trouble, it’s for something else.

I do applaud Matthieu for taking corrective steps. For the sake of the Honey Badger, I hope he gets his life in order and comes to play in the defensive backfield for the Atlanta Falcons for many years to come.



5 Responses to “All We Ask is 3 Years”

  1. 1 FortWorthDawg August 17, 2012 at 11:42 am

    I enjoy reading your articles every day but I really believe you are off base on this one.

    You are REALLY giving off the perception that all us Bulldog fans do is care about these kids while they give up their blood, sweat and tears for the red and black, but then when they leave, we just forget about them. That could not be farther from the truth. I humbly believe that when we offer these kids a scholarship to play at UGA, we are inviting them into a Fraternity, a brotherhood, a family. We as fans should respect the players that have given everything for the team long after the 3 or 4 years of service they have given.

    Everyone except these kids seems to be benefiting from the labor these kids are putting on the field each Saturday, the Universities, the TV networks, the NCAA. Your article makes it seem like we want all the kids to just behave for 3 years so we can enjoy the fruits of their labor then they can go on their merry way. I disagree. I follow every UGA player long after they leave the Dawg Nation.

    If I was a perspective recruit wanting to come to UGA and I read this article I would have a hard time feeling that the Dawg Nation really cared about my true well-being no matter what my conduct was. I agree Georgia should recruit players of high character, but our fanbase should reciprocate with that same degree of high morality and character.

    • 2 ucheedawg August 17, 2012 at 12:01 pm

      I appreciate your comments and that you enjoy our blog. I think we simply had a miscommunication on what I was saying. I can assure you that I feel the same way you do in regards to welcoming young men into Bulldog Nation. I was simply saying that if superstars like Crowell and others come in and give 3 years, then their potential for making money is at a level none of us could ever imagine. I in no way feel like I expressed that I wanted to rent a bunch of work horses for 3 years and then trade them out. I apologize if it came across that way, because that’s simply not my feeling. I stand by the opinion that it’s not that hard for a kid to come in and give his best for 3 years without screwing up. If that leads one to believe that I don’t care about the individual, then there’s not much I can do to further explain.

      • 3 FortWorthDawg August 17, 2012 at 12:15 pm

        I’m sure you’re right ucheedawg with the miscommunication statement. From all the previous columns I have read of yours, I tend to agree on most of your points, and it does get frustrating to see good/great players leaving due to disciplinary issues.

        However, the last thing we want to do these days is give off the impression that these kids are disposable rent-a-players. Recruiting is a 365-day process now and the visibility of these blogs is huge. I just want past, current and future Dawgs to know that true Dawg fans are truly behind them.

      • 4 Corbindawg August 17, 2012 at 12:49 pm

        I understood what you meant…

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