If You Look Close Enough, You Can See It

I watched the Scout.com video the Senator linked to today of Mark Richt’s post scrimmage press conference yesterday.  I suggest you watch it, too.  The anti-Richt crowd loves to comment on his lack of fire and passive nature.  As I have sarcastically posted in the previous weeks, just becuase he doesn’t act like insane person on the sideline (Muschamp), it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t yell and get mad at his players.

I was fortunate enough to stand on the sideline during spring practice in 2011 and I saw Richt yell some.  He even hollered at the spectators who were standing too close to the sideline.  So yes, Coach Richt gets angry and yells, just like any other football coach would do.  If you think otherwise, then I can’t help you.

The nerd in me is about to come out.  One of my favorite movies is The Watchmen.  In it, Ozymandias comments that to a normal person, the reaction that Dr. Manhattan had to some bad news would go unnoticed, but to him, he might as well had been sobbing.  That is the impression I got when watching Coach Richt talk about the scrimmage yesterday.  To the casual fan, Richt’s comments just seemed like frustation.  But to us fans who pay real close attention to these things, and dissect every little nugget that is said, then Coach Richt yesterday might as well had been yelling, cursing, and throwing chairs.

It is awesome. 



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