Game Todd Grantham Wants to Win Most of All

I like Todd Grantham.  The man is an excellent coach and is the perfect fit as the UGA defensive coordinator.  I think he is deserving of every one of the many pennies he gets paid.  One, he is very knowledgeable about the X’s and O’s.  Two, he seems know how to handle the Jimmies and Joes.  Three, he seems to be an outstanding recruiter.  And finally, he is the perfect foil to serve as the fire to Coach Richt’s ice.

When the news broke last spring about the suspensions of several key defensive starters, I was nervous, but I had (and still have) faith in Todd Grantham to solve this problem. 

Coach Grantham  is a firey competitor, so you know he wants to win every game on the schedule.  But I think there is one game he has circled this season he wants to win more than any other.  At first guess, you might assume it would be the Vanderbilt game to exact some revenge against that punk James Franklin.  But you would be wrong.

If I could get Todd Grantham to admit what opponent he wants his unit to unleash the most hell on, I would bet he would say South Carolina.

Last  year, the Gamecocks put up 45 points against the Dawgs in a wild game in Athens.  At first glance, that is the kind of number that a Willie Martinez led unit would allow.  But as I chronicled all last season, the UGA defense played much better than the scoring defense would lead you to believe.  Georgia’s defense shouldn’t be held accountable for 28/45 South Carolina’s points.  So really, upon further review, the Georgia Defense held its own against the Gamecocks. 

But upon even further review, you will see that the Georgia Defense let Marcus Lattimore take over the game in the 4th Quarter.  Lattimore got 91 of his 176 yards in the 4th Quarter-52%.  Lattimore even broke off runs of 24 and 36 yards. 

In 2010, Lattimore gashed the Bulldogs for 182 yards on 37 carries.  After the game, Spurrier talked smack to rub salt in the wound.

I think this is the “duh” statement of the day, but for Georgia to beat South Carolina this season, Marcus Lattimore is going to have to be a non factor. 

The biggest blemish on Todd Grantham’s run as UGA’s DC has been the fieild day Lattimore has had on his unit.  Twice. 

You have got to know that Grantham wants to rectify that and reverse the trend.  And for that reason, as we get closer to the beginning of the season, I am feeling better about the colossal showdown October 6 in Colombia.



2 Responses to “Game Todd Grantham Wants to Win Most of All”

  1. 1 B5 August 13, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    Come on now, the special teams coaches are defensive coaches, a defensive coach runs the punt return defense unit that gave up a fake punt in the South Carolina game, another punt td against LSU that turned the game, 3 giant kick off returns against Florida, no, nice try, but the defensive coaches don’t get a free pass since they all head up one of the special teams units.

    Now, grant you, the offense is responsible for 5 td’s: 4 pick 6’s don’t count against the defense, nor should Murray’s sack fumble td, but EVERY OTHER SINGLE POINT, except the ones in this paragraph is ON THE DEFENSE.

    What Grantham and his defensive staff needs to improve on, is:
    1) his 116th red zone defense
    2) poor punt/kick return defense tackling and overall execution, since these unit are run by the defensive staff

  2. 2 B5 August 13, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    But yes, because Spurrier sort of called out Grantham in his post game comments – I guess they don’t see that zone run much in the NFL-, and because Spurrier has outsmarted Grantham both seasons with Lattimore, and embarrased Grantham’s staff on special teams, and since it’s the highest ranked opponent on the schedule, and in the SEC East, led by the best offensive mind he’ll face, I’d agree, it’s the one he wants to win the most.

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