Coach Richt Is Not Soft On Discipline; Only Idiots Think So

Warning:  If you don’t like profanity, Bill Shanks rants, and clear facts that serve as supporting evidence, skip until you start seeing a bunch of links.

Look, sometimes, dumbasses will be dumbasses. 

I was a dumbass on Friday.  I was  going to be damned sure to avoid Bill Shanks, because I knew that he would be in rare (ok, his normal) form on the heels of Isaiah Crowell’s arrest and subsequent dismissal.  I tuned to 960 the Ref, and Jeff Dantzler was talking swimming, so I tuned to Shanks hoping I would catch him between anti-Richt rants and that he’d be talking Braves.

I was wrong.  He was going on how this kind of stuff doesn’t happen at Alabama and the players don’t fear Mark Richt because he is too nice of a guy.  Crowell knew he could get away with this because Richt would just love him. 

Look, sometimes, dumbasses will be dumbasses, no matter how much you try and tell them otherwise.  Like T. Kyle King so eloquently pointed out the other day, Coach Richt has never been lax on discipline.  Coach Richt is not afraid to run people off unofficially (Ealey) or officially (Crowell).   Rich is appropriate in being patient for victimless misdemeanors, and is harsh on thug crimes. 

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the opportunity Crowell had.  I mean, while he was being recruited, Coach Richt committed a secondary violation and basically told him he was the “missing man.”  How much clearer can you be?   By the time Crowell arrived on campus, the two upperclassmen tailbacks who were going to be ahead on the depth chart were no longer enrolled in  school.  He was the man from day one.  How much simpler can it for him to understand?  In limited time, Crowell was the reigning SEC Freshman of the Year. 

Sometimes, dumbasses will be dumbasses, and nothing Coach Richt can do could fix it.  You cannot blame Coach Richt for the Crowell transgression.  Back in 2008, a Florida player shot off an AK-47 in a parking lot.  For the morons who think Coach Richt is too soft, at least Coach Richt has the BALLS to kick off one of the best tailbacks in the SEC off the team.  That takes balls and conviction.  What would Urban Meyer done? 

Not a damn thing.  

Shanks said that this sort of thing doesn’t go on at Alabama, because the players fear Saban.  I won’t go into the UGA PD, or how UGA has stricter policies and has to report their player’s transgressions that other schools can sweep under the rug.  But that shit is completely ignorant. 

Dre Kirkpatrick was arrested for having weed in his car.

Saban has always been  a hard ass, but he hasn’t always had the best reputation for not having players stay out of trouble in Alabama.   

During the season, Brent Calloway was arrested for weed.  During the season!!

Former Alabama running back turned linebacker Jimmy Johns was dealing cocaine.  He was dismissed.

Shoot, hardly a month ago, an Alabama Grad Assistant was arrested for weed.

Back just before the 2009 season, where Alabama won the MNC, Courtney Upshaw and his attractive girlfriend were arrested following a domestic disturbance.   This isn’t too different than what happened with Sanders Cummings.   Except Richt popped Sanders for two games.  Upshaw was allegedly grabbing his girlfriend by the back of the neck, and Saban didn’t give him any suspension.   This lax discipline must have worked, because Upshaw was suspended for the first quarter in Ole Miss game  this past season, for possibly kicking a prone Vandy player.  Yeah, getting in a fight with a woman, no discipline.  Fighting with another football player on the field, well that gets you missing one quarter against the worst team in the SEC.  Real strong punishment there, Nick.

The Chris Rainey situation at Florida is just a small sample of how Meyer handled his discipline.  And Meyer was known as a hard ass, too.  

Here is a tip for that redneck Bill Shanks:  Go to, type in the subject you want to read about, then hit “enter.”  You’d be surprised how you can find information!

I found all these with a quick Google search.  Find your own, if you’d like.  I am going through this not to be critical of what Nick Saban does at Alabama.  I think he is running one hell of a program.  But I am showing  you that even the great and all powerful Saban had his share of players get in trouble, and you could make the case that he is more lax in discipline than Coach Richt. 

Look, Crowell is a dumbass thug.  No two ways around that.  But no matter what college you go to, the great coaches have players get arrested.  I believe there are more at UGA because of downtown Athens and an overzealous UGA and ACC police departments.  Even Orson Swindle said the ACC PD was over board the year Georgia won the Fulmer Cup.

You can say Nick Saban is the best coach in the modern era of football.  You can say that Mark Richt underachieves.  You can say that Richt teams fold under pressure.  You can say a lot of things, but to say something so completely ignorant that a situation like Crowell wouldn’t happen in Tuscaloosa is just mind blowing.   

Again, like in all areas, be fair.   

/Rant over/


18 Responses to “Coach Richt Is Not Soft On Discipline; Only Idiots Think So”

  1. 1 eethomaswfnc July 2, 2012 at 9:14 am

    Good job, Corbin. Thanks for saying what’s on a lot of people’s minds.

    • 2 joe hudson July 2, 2012 at 9:28 am

      College kids are like Democrats and Republicans, you can explain it but you can’t make them understandit.

  2. 3 Atlas July 2, 2012 at 9:56 am

    I wish you were right. But in truth, you’re read is completely erroneous. Richt can be soft on discipline, or hard on discipline, depending if you’re one of his favorites or beating out one of his favorites.

    AJ Green- Should have been booted, was not for illegal jersey sale
    A Murray- Photographed underage drinking, no consequences
    C. Thomas- Multiple infractions, not booted

    Mettenberger- booted after first infraction after dominating Murray all Spring
    Ealey- booted after missing a punishment run, and dominating all backs all year

    Richt despises top producers like the plague (See Mettenberger + Ealey), likely because he was an underachiever as a college QB himself.

    • 4 Corbindawg July 2, 2012 at 10:35 am

      Mettenberger was booted for lying and participating in sexual assault. Murray did the same thing as Stafford did, and probably received a good talking to. Ealey was a trouble maker from the get go, and had run ins with the law. AJ Green got harsh punishment for the crime.

      I would like to think that Carlton Thomas was not offically kicked off the team, but was like Ealey. Ealey was not offically dismissed, but not really kept from leaving. You are maniuplating facts.

  3. 5 Sose' July 2, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    Actually, Mettenberger, and Gray, both beat their competition over Spring, but both asked for transfers due to feeling like Richt was displaying bias towards people that didn’t outperform others (and Coahc Richt certainly does show bias towards any QB who beats out Murray). Ealey was not ‘booted’, but demanded to become the No. 1 back, which he had earned, or a transfer.

    • 6 Corbindawg July 2, 2012 at 12:47 pm

      That is just wrong. And Ealey was a trouble maker from the get go, so I don’t think him being unreliable, and a fumble machine, cuased him to feel entitled to being the #1 back. One great game against Georgia Tech and 5 TD vs Kentucky was not enough to overshadow what Ealey had gotten into off the field.

      • 7 RBanjo July 2, 2012 at 1:29 pm

        What caused Ealey to feel he had earned the starting position, was he had outscored King 11 td’s to 2 td’s yet was being equally rotated, and had rushed for a higher yard per carry average (5.5 career yard per carry average at UGA for Washaun Ealey) than legendary UGA back Herschel Walker.

        Sure, no bias.

  4. 8 Jc July 2, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    Ealey outproduced King 11 td’s to 2 td’s, and av 5.5 ypc at UGA. I’d say he earned the right to be the go to back. Sure, no bias. If turnovers were the issue, why is Murray still on the team with his 30 turnovers in 2 seasons? Ealey is 5x more productive than King, and turned the ball over 15x less than Aaron Murray.

  5. 10 RICK DEHAVEN July 2, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    You are way too smart to be in a discussion with idiots!

  6. 12 collegeparkdawg July 2, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    My bet is that all these Ealey lovers are the same person signing on under different names using different email accounts. I have never heard this favoritism bs ever and have been following Richt closely from the beginning. This poster/s is a troll. I grew up in Swainsboro GA and my mom taught Ealey in Twin City. He was a good player and could be a good kid, but when he went to UGA he was not ready to be away from home and had consistent discipline and other type problems. I am a fan of his and want him to succeed by UGA was not the place for him at the time. Personally I have suspected for a long time that the T-town cops and deputies call Saban first, then decide whether to press charges. Alabama has a favorable press and Saban can get away with a heck of a lot more and even he has issues.

  7. 14 IveyLeaguer July 2, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    “Dumbass thug”. Sounds about right to me.
    I’m glad he’s gone.

  8. 15 AUGrep'nWorldWide July 3, 2012 at 1:03 am

    I still can’t believe he (if proven guilty) through all that talent/opportunity away. Yes Ealy was nice here and there but just like King a bumbling fool overall. I hope Boo, KM and TG take full advantage of their opportunities.

  9. 16 collegeparkdawg July 3, 2012 at 10:48 am

    sock puppets are real – fairly common on comment boards and you certainly don’t have to believe in conspiracies to think BAMA football is probably crooked. History shows that.

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