What is Up With Atlanta?

I posted at the beginning of June that the Braves had a tough road ahead, and needed to win some of these series against the AL East in interleague play.

That hasn’t happened, but that is not the reason for this post.

Why are the Braves so streaky?  One thing you always heard about the dominant run the Braves had in the 1990s is with the elite pitching the Braves had, with either Maddux, Glavine or Smoltz pitching every 3rd day, losing streaks of any signifigance just didn’t happen.  You have to figure a losing streak of any signifigance with this team shouldn’t happen either.

Yes, I know that Hanson, Hudson and Beachy are not anywhere close to Maddux, Glavine or Smoltz, but still.  Those are some pretty good pitchers. 

There is no reason the Braves should have an 8 game losing streak, followed by winning 7/8, then followed that by losing 6/7. 

I know that the offense has been terrible.  During the most recent skid, the Braves have scored an average of 1.7 runs per game.  4 times during the past 6 losses, the Braves have scored 2 or fewer runs, and 3 times have beeen completely shut out.  4 times in the month of June, the Braves have put up a goose egg on the scoreboard.  So yes, you have to score runs to win games. 

But with the pitching talent that the Braves have, how does this happen?


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