Just to clear up any confusion over who the biggest rival is…

Are there multiple teams I hate losing to? Yes.

I detest the gangly, jean shorts-wearing, mullet cutting worshippers of Jean Shorts Jesus in Gainesville, who refuse to admit college football existed before 1990.

I hate the lying, cheating hillbillies on Rocky Top, who don’t understand that no one gives a rip about how many seats are in your stadium when you cram everyone in like sardines.

I can’t stand Auburn, a school which wishes it was Georgia.

Clemson – the only thing separating it from Auburn is that Clemson fans wear shoes. Plus it has a lake.

The lame chickens – they’d be ok if it weren’t for Darth Visor.

Oh and then there’s Bama – the self annointed God’s gift to football.

The common thread between these programs? They can conduct themselves with class and dignity. Is there some good natured jabbing back and forth that may get a tad overboard at times? Sure.

And then there’s the Enginerds. I mean I can understand getting mad about football interfering with Dragon Con and Star Trek conventions losing 10 of 11. But that is no reason, whatsoever, to have a wedding cake like this that is very graphic.  

Ray Goff wasn’t much as a head coach, but he summed the Georgia Tech rivalry up nicely.

“If you don’t think Georgia Tech’s Georgia’s biggest rival, lose to them once. You’ll find out.”

To Hell With Georgia Tech

Lugnut Dawg

1 Response to “Just to clear up any confusion over who the biggest rival is…”

  1. 1 Bert June 18, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    Georgia Tech is good at producing people to drive trains and to replace monkeys in space capsules.

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