Don’t be mad at Iowa Blogger Hating on Chick Fil A, becuase, well they are from Iowa and are Iowa football fans

The Good Senator linked to the University of Iowa SB Nation blog post in which the author talked negatively about Chick Fil A. 

Since I eat at Chick Fil A on average two times a week, and since I love it so, I took particular exception to this, as did Senator Blutarsky.

But then I had a change of heart, almost feeling pity for this poor soul.

He is just angry.

One, becuase he lives in Iowa.  I have never been through Iowa, but have friends who have, and it is,  of all the 50 states in the Union I have not been to, would be near the bottom of states I would like to visit. 

Every Iowa and Notre Dame game I watch on TV is sad.  The fans are bundled up in September.  It is dark, gray.  On TV, it always looks like it is cloudy with a chance of snow and/or rain.

Another reason this author is so miserable is becuase he is an Iowa Football fan.  Iowa is terrible.  They have perhaps the most overrated coach in D-I, Kirk Ferentz.  Iowa is the Clemson of the B10.  Everytime an NFL job is open, for the longest time Kerentz’s name would come up, and he would just get more money. Iowa football is a 5 or 7 loss team per season, outside the rare exceptions when they manage to squander a few close games they should win.  Of course, they proceed to win the games they are expected to lose.  This schizophrenic behavior makes it impossible to pick their games. 

I couldn’t understand how it would be to be an Iowa fan.  Constantly cold, with nothing to look at but miles and miles of corn, and a football that is more frustating that UGA or Clemson. 

So don’t be angry at the ignorance of the Iowa Hawkeye blog and the author’s disdain for the South or Chick Fil A.  Rather, take pity on this poor soul.  When we are in Athens, eating fried chicken and looking at some attractive sorority girl wearing knee high leather boots on a glorious fall Saturday, remember the poor blokes to our northwest and be ever more appreciative that you don’t live in Iowa.



1 Response to “Don’t be mad at Iowa Blogger Hating on Chick Fil A, becuase, well they are from Iowa and are Iowa football fans”

  1. 1 Daniel June 9, 2012 at 2:53 am

    I was born and raised in Iowa. I went to UGA on a an academic scholarship. I bleed red, black, and gold, too as long as the Hawkeyes aren’t on at the same time as my Dawgs. I benefitted from a public education system well-funded, well-run, and well-respected. I’ve taught college kids in this state that couldn’t pass our 11th grade English classes.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about Chick-Fil-A. The only time I needed them was on Sundays when the meal plan stopped at 2 and they were closed. I do think they have some tasty, though grossly overpriced chicken sandwiches one should enjoy from time to time. However, as a physician now here in Georgia, I can’t say I recommend you continue eating it twice a week.

    I enjoy your blog and will continue to do so. This post was just you being an ass though, as was the one from the dude from Iowa. Good luck in the rest of your journalistic endeavors.

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