The Main Library, Frisbees, and Michael Adams’ Jeep: One Fun Afternoon

Like most in the Bulldog Nation, the news that President Michael Adams announced his retirement effective June 30, 2013, was met with gleeful response.  This announcement was long overdue, in my opinion.

The stories are out there about the two sided coin that is Mike Adams.  You can’t talk about his achievements without addressing his controversy.  I will give the devil his due.  While the HOPE Scholarship brought the best and brightest to the University of Georgia, Adams oversaw a 15 year reign that by all accounts was very successful. The University of Georgia is a well respected public university.   A degree from UGA means something more than just you know how to party in the numerous bars in downtown Athens. 

Sure detractors will say he was just the right guy at the right time.  But like critics who say that Bill Clinton inherited good economic policies from Ronald Regan and Clinton’s presidency saw no periods of prolong wars, there is a lot to be said of someone who doesn’t screw something up.  Adams inherited a good thing, for sure, but he also hasn’t messed anything up. 

His athletic decisions and controversies are well documented.  I thought he should have been removed after the Dooley saga.  Not that he was wrong; Dooley should have been removed from AD.  As much as we love Coach Dooley, and as good of an Administrator Dooley was, it was his time to bow out and ride into the sunset.  I can respect Adams for standing his ground and making a difficult decision, but he also should have know you don’t pull on Superman’s cape.  Adams was stupid in getting into a PR war with Vince Dooley, and that lack of good judgment should say a lot.

But the fact remains, that in my opinion, Michael Adams is a scoundrel, a crook, a fiend, and an overall SOB. 

I have this cartoon cut out from a Red and Black  from my time in Athens.  It sat on a corkboard by my desk in my room in College, and it sits by desk today.  Time has made it hard to read, but the premise  is President Bush is calling Michael Adams and asking him how he deals with the fact that nobody likes you.  Funny stuff.

With that said, I had an encounter with President Adams’ car one time.  The spring semester 2007, I was in my first semester of my Senior year (I did the 4.5 year plan).  This semester was  a difficult one; I had 3 classes that were all upper level classes that had no test but a TON of long research papers to write.  I never studied or went to the Main Library, but this particular semester, I did frequent the Main Library a lot.  I found it quieter and easier to get work done without all the hassles of the SLC.  I also found this enjoyable; I could take a break and walk around through beautiful North Campus in the spring. 

One day, I had just got to the Library and was about to start writing a paper about some boring topic.  I was notorious for waiting until the last possible second to write a paper.  I was going to spend all day in the library researching and writing.  I got a phone call from a friend.  He had two Frisbees in his book bag and wanted to toss the Frisbee around.  Looking for an excuse not to work, I gladly obliged.

We decied to play Frisbee golf on north campus, with different landmarks as our targets.  We would say, for example, “The bottom step of Terrell Hall, Par 3.” 

We would throw the Frisbee to a target, pick it up, then look around and decide another target, alternating who would decide the target and how many throws we should use to get there. 

I had the brilliant idea of a target-Mike Adams’ Jeep Cherokee. 

So we hit his Jeep with our Frisbees. 

Sophomoric and immature, I know, but damn if it wasn’t fun.



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