After a Month of Baseball, Here We Are

After the Braves sucked hind tit the first few games of the season, they have been playing well lately.   After going 0-4 to start the 2012 campaign, the Bravos have gone 14-4 since then, winning every series and with the final game of the month today against the Pirates, can do no worse than split this 4 game set. 

There was a lot of grief out there when the Braves struggled, but now things have been going better.  The Braves pitching has not been going well, but the offense has come alive.  Despite no everday player besisdes Bourn hitting better than .300, the Braves rank 4th in MLB in runs.  Not too shabby.  The Braves sit 2 games behind the white hot Rangers and the Dodgers for the best records in baseball one month in. 

I have always heard that Memorial Day is when you start looking at the standings real close.  So one month to go.  The Braves did what they needed to do in April; the schedule was very easy.  Now, May is nut cutting time.  If the Braves still have one of the best records in baseball a month from now, then we could be in the works for a pretty special season. 

In the month of May, the Braves have matchups against the Phillies (and must face Halladay), two against the Cardinals, two against the Reds, the Marlins, the Nationals and the Rays.   The Braves draw the dangerous AL East in interleague play this year, so that is going to be an obstacle.

So far, Atlanta has held up their end of the deal.  They have had a good first month, and if the Braves can just tread water for May, they can get into the dog days of summer and still be in good shape.

Some other quick, random baseball thoughts:

-The Angles are really disappointing. 

-The Phillies need to get healthy, but when they do, watch out.

-The AL Central is terrible, and will only get worse when the terrible Astros get in the division next year.

Hold on to your hats, it is going to be a fun ride.



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