Happy 40th Birthday Chipper Jones

I am often accused of being a Chipper Jones hater.  That is a little misguided.  I think Chipper is past his prime, his consistent injuries have forced the Braves to rely on scrubs to fill the void when he is out for several games at a time, and his high salary the Braves pay him has held back the franchise since Liberty Media won’t spend the money needed to contend with the rest of the elite teams in professional baseball.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the man and what he has meant to this franchise.  He should be a sure fire first ballot HOF inductee, and if it wasn’t for a man named Henry Aaron, Chipper would be the all time best Braves offensive player.  Chipper is the best Brave to come through the organization from the minor leagues to “the show.” 

So for one day, I will cast aside my anti Chipper Jones comments. 

Happy 40th birthday, Chipper.  I hope you have a big game tonight in LA.  I will stay up and watch the game and hope you hit a Home Run and make some clutch defensive plays.



1 Response to “Happy 40th Birthday Chipper Jones”

  1. 1 ericdawg April 24, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    Unfortunately, he is a gaytard from FU.

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