Aww, you want some cheese with that wine, Steve?

Darth Visor once again proves that he gets enjoyment out of jabbing his rivals. 

Seems the Head Ball Coach doesn’t care for the current format of deciding a division champion. He’d rather see the division title decided by the record of team’s against their own division.

Coincidentally, the Lame Chickens would have won the SEC East last year under that format. 

When it came down to schedules last year, the only difference between Georgia and Lower Carolina was that Georgia didn’t have to play Arkansas. Yes, the fightin’ infideletors of northwest arkansas had a strong record, but they looked less than stellar in wins over Ole Miss and Vandy (sound familiar?)

Besides. South Carolina couldn’t even beat a VERY BAD Auburn team. If they couldn’t beat that team, they didn’t deserve to make it to Atlanta anyway. This Auburn team was so bad that no booster was willing to donate money to buy another recruit. 

Lugnut Dawg

1 Response to “Aww, you want some cheese with that wine, Steve?”

  1. 1 Ron April 18, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    The I guess he certainly doesn’t think Alabama should have been crowned national champions since they didn’t win their division?? I say he goes & coaches in a conference that uses this philosophy. Oh wait, there isn’t one….

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